Fibre Lifting Slings, Flat Web and Round / Endless

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Our range of slings goes from the commonly used polyester round sling and flat web sling (fibre slings), to the specialist slings with materials such as dyneema and super techlon.

LiftingSafety Offers a range of synthetic (Man-made fibre) lifting slings designed to be light weight and help prevent or minimise damage to the items being lifted.  A synthetic webbing sling is also often referred to by a variety of different names, such as lifting strap/strop, belt sling, polyester lifting sling, flat web lifting sling, belt webbing, woven sling, simplex or duplex sling, round sling or endless slings.

Soft slings like this are either made as duplex or simplex flat webbing or endless round slings. All made from the same core materials, which is typically polyester or Dyneema. Polyester and Dyneema are both synthetic (man-made) materials; polyester slings are light weight and very competitively priced; Dyneema are extremely lightweight and compact offering a greater working load limit than polyester. This feature makes the Dyneema a little more expensive than a standard polyester sling, although Dyneema lifting slings start to re-pay their original extra purchase cost as soon as they are put to work lifting heavy loads increasing productivity and time savings because they are so compact, lightweight and easy to handle when compared to steel chains or wire ropes.

A flat web sling (webbing sling) is a type of lifting sling with an eye at each end, rather than never ending like a round sling. Round slings are lifting slings which are endless giving them the potential to double their safe working load when lifting in a basket shape. The core of a round sling is wrapped-around polyester/Dyneema fibres which are then protected by a outer sleeve/sheath. Specialist slings are also available such as dyneema and super techlon which have a high resistance feature.

Round Slings and Flat Web Lifting Slings

Both polyester and Dyneema are materials that are soft to the touch (hence soft slings) and therefore is far less likely to cause any damage to goods being lifted or to cause the type of injuries to the user associated with wire rope sling, for example cuts caused by broken wires, manual handling or impact injuries.

Synthetic soft slings are much lighter weight than both wire rope or chain slings and therefore this type of lifting sling is much easier to handle. Dyneema are even stronger than polyester and much more compact in size, they are lighter slings, more flexible and have excellent wear resistant properties. Polyester slings are much cheaper than alternatives made from other materials and usually are lighter, more flexible and have a greater factor of safety, though they do have less abrasive resistance, Dyneema slings though have excellent wear resistance. and do not absorb water, therefore they are particularly suitable for use offshore. The alternative polyester sling will absorb the water and become much heavier and harder to handle. Additional methods of providing wear protection is with a wear sleeve, Corner protection and with polyurethane (Securtex)

We prefer to sell quality UK manufactured polyester straps, as in our opinion the quality is superior and we have access to the manufacturer, who has available both the quality file and technical file. We also offer Super Techlon straps that offer a polyester course weave outer sleeve that the gives greater wear resistance than most other polyester sleeved will. We carry stocks of 1 tonne, 2 tonne, 3 tonne, 4 tonne, 5 tonne etc... in many lengths though can make bespoke polyester strops to our customers specific requirements in very short lead time up to 150 tonne SWL. All Dyneema strops are made to order and can be supplied up to 150 tonne safe working load.

Other Lifting Slings

We are also a supplier of other types of lifting slings, such as standard chain slings, Crosby chain slings and wire rope slings, all of the standard chains and Crosby chains are listed on LiftingSafety.

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