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We offer fall arrest equipment kits to provide fall protection quickly and cost effectively, manufactured by Top Quality height safety equipment manufacturers. We offer the following manufacturers Protecta, Miller, Tractel, Yale, Sala, Ridgegear and more so that there is a kit option to suit almost all working at height disciplines. Our height safety kits incorporate inertia reels, fall arrest and restraint lanyards, fall arrest harnesses, pole straps and many more components. Different manufacturers use different names for their kits even though they contain very similar fall protection equipment; for this reason we list the height safety kits by manufacturer’s name, by industry sector and by the contents of the kit. This way we make it simple and quick to navigate to the most appropriate product for the application. We can also tailor/make-up special kits to suit your individual needs where required.

All the most popular types of fall arrest equipment brought together as height safety kits, a fantastic selection at competitive prices. 

All the fall arrest kits in this category contain fall arrest inertia reels with a choice of different physical sizes and lifeline lengths from quality height safety manufacturers like Tractel, Miller, Yale and Titan (with more to follow). We offer so many different kits to try ensure that we have a kit to suit all our customers requirements and budgets. The manufacturers we distribute for use different names for what are very similar height safety kits and therefore it was more logical to sort the kits by content rather than by kit manufacturer’s name. The advantage of a fall arrest inertia reel is that it can arrest a fall in a very short distance when used directly above head. Caution must be taken to ensure the user of the fall arrest kit operates the with-in the manufacturer’s limits when using fall arrest inertia reel self-retracting lifeline. 

Fall Arrest Kits (Including Inertia Reels)

The fall arrest kits listed here contain a fall arrest lanyard with a choice of different lengths and end connectors / karabiners. We sell a great selection of quality height safety kits from manufacturers like Tractel, Miller, Yale and Titan (with more to follow). We offer such a good selection so that we hopefully we will have a kit to suit all our customers’ requirements and budgets. As with all our fall arrest / height safety kits we categorise by kit content rather than by kit manufacturer’s name for the kit, this way the customer can easily differentiate between all the options available. Fall arrest lanyards form the basis for the kits thereafter there is also a good selection of other height safety components to compliment different disciplines while working at height. The maximum permissible length for a shock absorbing fall arrest lanyard is 2 metre

Fall Arrest Kits (Inc. Energy Absorbing Lanyards)

In this section of our online shop LiftingSafety offers height safety kits that are suitable for restraint and for work positioning applications. Restraint height safety kits are to stop a person working at height from reaching a position where a fall could be possible; work positioning fall arrest kits are where a worker in a fall arrest zone gets additional support from pole strap to assist positioning of their body so that is in the best and most comfortable place to carry out the work for short or sustained periods of work.

Height Safety Kits (Restraint / Work Positioning)

The height safety fall arrest kits advertised here are used for vertical access and egress on permanently installed ladders amongst many other applications. All the kits in this category contain a vertical rope grab system, otherwise known as a rope guided fall arrest system. This type of kit means that the person working at height can create a temporary vertical fall arrest system. All our kits are provided with a rope of different lengths with a karabiner connected to one end. The most popular application for this type of kit would be to provide fall protection on a vertical installed ladder. The rope karabiner connects to a temporary or permanent fall arrest anchorage point at the top ladder creating a vertical lifeline top to bottom to which a rope traveller / rope shuttle connects onto. The shuttle will automatically grip on to the rope should the operator fall while climbing or descending. We offer quality kits made by Miller, Tractel, Titan, Yale and Sala; hopefully we have a kit to suit your specification and budget though please contact us if you do not see the set-up you are looking for. 

Height safety Kits for Vertical Access

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