Miller Fall Arrest Kits Inc Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Quick Ref: CN-1539


Scaffold hook fall arrest kit with 1-point harness, 1.75 or 2m fall arrest lanyard. Conforms to EN361 and EN355

Construction Backpack Kit. Complies to EN361, EN355

Miller Kit 11 Construction Backpack Kit comes with either the Miller Duraflex 1 or 2 Point Harness Model No. 1002847 or Model No. 1002850. 2m Elasticated Manyard 2m Elastic Manyard with Scaffold Hook and Karabiner Model No. 1005324. Backpack Model No. 1007067.

Barracuda Backpack Kit. Complies to EN361, EN360, EN795.

Miller MA02 Barracuda Fall Arrest Lanyard Backpack Kit Comprises of Miller Duraflex Harness- 1 Point Rear D Ring for Anchorage Model No. 1002847. 1.75m Elasticated Manyard with Barracuda Clamp 2m Elastic Manyard with Barracuda Scaffold Clamp Model No. 1005324 or 1.75m Energy Absorbing Rope Lanyard 1.75m fall arrest rope lanyard with shock absorber, vertical scaffold clamp and screwgate karabiner Model No. 1010141. Backpack Model No. 1007067.

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