Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment

Quick Ref: CN-1225
A low cost range of gas and liquid cylinder lifting and handling solutions, all are British quality manufactured.

Liftingsafety’s category got gas bottle handling equipment. Gas cylinders are usually filled with explosive gasses and therefore extreme care should be taken with the moving, lifting and storing of gas cylinders. We therefore have introduced a new category “Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment” which includes a good range of gas cylinder trolleys and gas cylinder trucks. Most of our cylinder trolleys are UK manufactured and made to the highest quality standards. All the Gas trucks are fitted with large wheels, mostly large diameter for use on rough surfaces. Some trolleys have two castors and others have a third rear castor to provide additional support, making transportation much more stable and therefore safer. LiftingSafety also offers a good choice in cylinder lifting trolleys and gas bottle lifting trucks fitted with lifting eyes for hoisting with overhead cranes. All our cylinder trolleys are manually manoeuvred and can be made to suit all size cylinders; we look forward to hopefully receiving your enquiries. 

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