General Height Safety Harnesses EN361

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This category is populated with fall arrest harnesses; all of them manufactured to European standard EN361 and is used for fall arrest and restraint applications. All EN361 harnesses are suitable to be rescued from after a fall has occurred. EN361 fall arrest harnesses have an anchorage connection ‘D’ ring on the back of the harness between the shoulder blade and dependant on the customer requirement can also be fitted with a ‘D’ ring on the front of the harness; in the chest area. The anchorages are also used to rescue the casualty after a fall. These are the most popular type of fall arrest harness that we offer, they are used mainly in the construction industry and general industrial applications. EN361 fall arrest harnesses must be thoroughly examined and re certified by a competent person at periods no greater than 12 months. This is a maximum period; refer to the manufacturers operation and user manual for further detailed information.

General Purpose Harnesses from a range of manufacturers including Miller (Sperian) Protecta and Sala.

We appreciate that the term 'General purpose' is very broad and covers a wide range, though basically the options in this category are mainly fall arrest safety harnesses that are suitable for people who are non-specialists working at height, not for example for rope access use. Suitable for restraint use in a mobile elevated working platforms (cherry picker or scissor lift platforms) for use by scaffolders construction workers, wind turbines and telecommunications use and general industrial working at height etc..

The main harnesses in this range are the Miller Duraflex harness range, miller Revolution, Sala Delta 2, Exo Fit and Sala Exoit XP, all excellent quality harnesses.

General Height Safety Harnesses EN361

There is no description for this category, please go to Sala Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses EN361 to find out more.

TRACTEL® harnesses are devices to hold the body and are designed to stop falls or lift persons from hazardous situations. The fall arrest and rescue harnesses are one component of the fall arrest system.

  • A TRACTEL® fall arrest harness is a device to hold the body and is designed to stop a fall. For this, the harness must be connected to a fall arrest device, which is in turn connected to an anchor.
  • A TRACTEL® rescue harness is a device to hold the body and is designed for rescue operations. Due to a person’s specific ergonomics, the user is held in a suitable position during rescue. The harness must be connected to a lowering device or a rescue hoist, which is in turn connected to an anchor.

In certain cases, the fall arrest safety harness may also be used as a rescue harness; it may also be equipped with a holding or maintenance work belt.

Yale believes in total commitment to safety awareness, resulting in a better working environment. Yale is dedicated to the understanding of customers’ needs at all levels and offers a broad range of equipment designed with the exact end-user requirements. Yale’s comprehensive range of safety products is manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation and meets all relevant European CE standards.

General Purpose Harnesses from a range of manufacturers including Miller (Sperian) and SALA.

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