Workshop and Shop Floor Equipment

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In this category LiftingSafety offers many items that don’t really fall into any other category though collectively they are just as important a group of products. This is a very busy category with our customers and included in this shop section are wind turbine lifting hoists, from many lifting equipment manufacturers and a big range of hydraulic workshop presses/hydraulic floor presses. We also offer many items of garage equipment items suitable for use in commercial vehicle garages. Our swaging presses are used for the manufacture of steel wire rope slings and once again we offer an ample range. We hopefully look forward to receiving your enquiry!

Workshop and Shop Floor Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

LiftingSafety offer online a massive online Drum Handling Equipment category with all types of devices to assist or remove the manual handing effort required when lifting, pulling, turning (rotating right, left, front and back) or dispensing from a steel or plastic drum. To make navigation as simple as possible we have divided all the products in this category by user application, these domains are Fork lift truck mounted drum handling equipment, Hoist hook suspended drum handling equipment and manually manoeuvred drum handling equipment (pedestrian drum handling equipment) we have then slit the products onto attachments suitable for particular drum types; steel drums, “L” Ring Drums, 110 litre Fibre drums and Egg Shaped Plastic Drums. We offer drum attachments that grip around the circumference, that strap around the drum, hydraulic operated grabs, rim grip attachments or top ring connecting. All our drum handling equipment is good quality and mostly made here in the UK.

Scissor Lift Tables

The scissor lift table is a manual handing aid and are offered online presented in two categories; as mobile scissor lift tables and static scissor lift tables (no moving / fixed). Castors are fitted to tables that need to be moved between jobs or used to move the load while loaded. Static scissor lifting tables are permanently left in place; they can be countersunk into the floor so that when retracted the table top is flush to the floor surface or free standing / bolted to a floor. Fixed scissor lift tables are much more stable and therefore better suited to greater height of lift and capacities. Fixed scissor lift tables are often used in production processes of as loading platforms. The key features of a scissor lift table are as follows; Capacity (The maximum weight that the table can safety lift). The table top dimensions (the size of the table needed to support the load / carry out the task). The height of lift needed (this refers to the maximum height as well as the minimum lowered height). Working environment is a consideration that should not be overlooked. (We can make lifting tables for outdoor use with corrosion protection such as galvanized or stainless steel construction as also used in the food manufacturing industries.)


Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders & Pumps 700 Bar

LiftingSafety offer a wide and comprehensive range of high pressure hydraulic lifting cylinders, rams and hand pumps to suit heavy duty industrial applications. This type of single action lifting cylinder tend to use a remote / independent hand pump making them ideal for use in confined spaces. The lifting cylinder is separate to the hand pump though connected with a hydraulic hose which can be a long as needed meaning that the person operating / controlling the lift can be situated in a safe area away from the actual lift. Lifting cylinders operate at very high pressure, 700 Bar / 10,000 PSI. We offer in our online lifting equipment catalogue hydraulic lifting systems up to 1000 tonne capacity on many different sizes and types of cylinder. Flat or Pad jack are very low height, than we also offer standard height and tall cylinders along with hollow centre jacks. Lifting cylinders with Locking nuts provide a mechanical means of holing the load preventing the ram lowering under load. Single stage rams have spring return. We offer a good range of Hydraulic hand pumps manual and electric with different reservoir capacities (amount of oil) and as single stage and two stage; twin stage pumps oil very fast at low pressure and then when the oil pressure rises the lifting speed automatically reduces and lift the load. Hydraulic hand pumps are hand operated or foot operated.  

Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment

Liftingsafety’s category got gas bottle handling equipment. Gas cylinders are usually filled with explosive gasses and therefore extreme care should be taken with the moving, lifting and storing of gas cylinders. We therefore have introduced a new category “Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment” which includes a good range of gas cylinder trolleys and gas cylinder trucks. Most of our cylinder trolleys are UK manufactured and made to the highest quality standards. All the Gas trucks are fitted with large wheels, mostly large diameter for use on rough surfaces. Some trolleys have two castors and others have a third rear castor to provide additional support, making transportation much more stable and therefore safer. LiftingSafety also offers a good choice in cylinder lifting trolleys and gas bottle lifting trucks fitted with lifting eyes for hoisting with overhead cranes. All our cylinder trolleys are manually manoeuvred and can be made to suit all size cylinders; we look forward to hopefully receiving your enquiries. 

Hydraulic Lifting Jacks - Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks, Handle operated

All the lifting hydraulic jacks use pressurised oil to raise the load by the user applying force on the jack handle. The handle is connected to an integrated (built-in ) pump. As more pressure is built up in the hydraulic circuit with repeated pumping of the handle the jack will extend in length of the cylinder, thus raising the load.

Mechanical Lifting Jacks (Not Hydraulic), options to Lift from the Head and Toe

Mechanical jacks do not use hydraulics to lift the load, they use mechanics. examples are; Rack and Pinion, Ratchet jacks, Lifting Screw Jacks, Journal Jacks, Rack Jacks,Work gear Jacks, Spindle Support Jacks and Sluice gate Jacks, and of course all these jacks serve a different purpose, further technical details are available by clicking 'More Information' button. We offer a good range of capacities sizes and heights though if you are unsure about the most suitable jack simple contact our technical team for assistance.

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