Floor Mounted hydraulic workshop press "Manual, Hand Pump" Operated

Quick Ref: CN-1270

In this category we offer a comprehensive range of manually operated hydraulic workshop presses, this means that the hydraulic circuit is controlled by a manual hand pump as apposed to an electrically driven hydraulic power pack.

Hand operated workshop presses are by far the most popular type that we sell/supply, this is due to two main factors; it is the cheaper option and also because some engineers believe they get 'A better feel' (better feedback), much the same as the manual clutch on a car as opposed to the automatic gearbox!

We offer top Quality UK manufactured hydraulically powered presses with safe working loads (SWL) up to 100 tonne as standard though we can manufacture hydraulic presses to much greater capacities and physical dimensions to suit individual customers specifications.

Floor Mounted hydraulic workshop press "Manual, Hand Pump" Operated

15 and 20 tonne. Hydraulic Workshop Press, floor mounted, for light duty industrial use. Workshop / garage press as 15 or 20 tonne capacity, quality UK manufactured, this small range is made from lighter (thinner) material / steel than our heavy duty presses and are offered for applications where a top quality press is needed though the press is not required to be used quite so often
12t, 15t and 20 tonnes. Heavy-duty Hydraulic Workshop Press, Floor Mounted. Three options of workshop press; 12, 15 and 20 tonne capacity and all manually operated (Hyd hand pump) , similar to our light duty (15 and 20 tonne) options though made from thicker gauge steel and are therefore more robust for heavy duty applications. Quality UK made presses and available modified to suit our customers application with a variety of accessories.
Hydraulic Workshop/Garage Press with Manual Hand Pump Operation. Hydraulic workshop presses designed for heavy industrial use, we offer these presses with larger physical dimensions (height and width) than our 12, 15 and 20 tonne range (above) though equally as durable. Hand made by craftsmen here in the UK, a truly top quality hydraulic press for professional use in production and maintenance environments, extremely robust and can be modified to suit our customers requirements. Fully certified and used by blue chip companies worldwide!
Manual Extra Height Hydraulic Garage/Workshop Press. All the same great features of the standard height heavy duty hydraulic press with manual hydraulics, except with a higher frame, commonly referred to as our extra high range of hydraulic workshop presses. These presses provide a wider opening for working on bigger items.
Manual or Electric Driven Hydraulic Workshop Press, 10,000kg to 200,000kg

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