Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Blocks. EN360

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Lightweight Personal Inertia Reels at Discounted Prices, Now a cost-effective alternative to a Shock absorbing Lanyard!

Small lightweight fall arrest inertia reels made to European standard EN360 (fall arrest) are an excellent and very popular piece of fall arrest equipment. They are designed to be a personal issue product, assigned to individuals working at height and are very efficient at arresting falls in a very short distance. When deploying fall arrest equipment the user should always use the most appropriate piece of equipment that is capable of arresting the fall in the shortest possible distance; the greater the fall distance the greater the consequence of the fall; in other words the more chance that the casualty will be injured and therefore require a more technical the rescue. With a fall arrest inertia reel mounted directly above head it’s possible to arrest a fall within 100mm! Personal fall limiters (PFL) are supplied by LiftingSafety from some of the world’s top quality height safety manufacturers including Tractel, Sala, Miller Yale, Ridgegear and many more. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Compact and lightweight inertia reel fall arrest personal fall limiter blocks. We offer an excellent range Miller, Sala and Protecta PFL’s (personal fall limiters) that are lightweight and have been very competitively priced, most are subject to a Sale with generous discounts applied to the list prices; many fall protection solutions we offer have excellent safety features to suit your budget and environment. These are available in many optional lengths from 1.75m to 6m.

  • The Miller Scorpion is available ‘Sharp edge Tested’ certified for horizontal use. All fall arrest inertia reels have permissible angles of use; an important area for consideration!
  • The Sala Talon is available with a single lifeline or twin leg for 100% tie-off - a really fantastic and unique fall arrest block.
  • Personal fall arrest blocks require less fall clearance as they arrest a fall within approximately 100mm which minimizes the consequences of a fall and therefore reduces the possibility of injury to the user.

More about Personal Fall Limiters and Inertia Reel Fall Arrester Blocks

If a fall occurs using a Miller, Sala or Protecta self retracting lanyard (SRL), the worker may end up being suspended only a short distance below the working area, making the rescue easier and safer for both the fallen worker and the rescuer. If the SRL is suspended directly above the worker and a fall occurs it is probable that the worker will not even fall from the working platform.

  • Sala, Miller and Protecta retractable blocks eliminate the tripping hazards by keeping the lifeline taut and out of the way, a big advantage compared with a conventional fall arrest webbing or rope lanyard.
  • We offer Miller, Sala and Protecta fall arrest reels with many karabiner options, including scaffold hooks, several different lengths of lanyard, different materials such as wire rope or webbing lifeline, and different sizes and weights
  • Lightweight, Impact resistant, corrosion resistant and compact (very small) designs of spring return fall arrest blocks.

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