Miller Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

Quick Ref: CN-1570
Miller Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

2.5m Economy retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Lanyard. Seat belt type locking Personal Inertia Reel with 2 Screwgate Karibiners. Complies to EN360. With a working capacity of 2.5m, the MI20 Titan Retractable Lifeline features an integral shock-absorber to reduce the impact force of a fall, and comes with two screw karabiners. One of the lightest and most cost effective personal fall arresters on the market with a compact plastic housing and a rectractable webbing lifeline. 
Performances - Arrest Distance: < 2 m, Breaking Strength: Static testing > 15 KN Dynamic testing < 6 KN, Weight: 1,144 kg, Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C, Breaking strength for attached webbing : > 3500 daN, Breaking strength for unattached webbing : > 2000 daN.
Super Lightweight (0.86kg) retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) 1.8m Personal Fall Limiter. Cost Effective Inertia Reel. To EN360.

Features Include High-strength, impact-resistant nylon housing, Engineered webbing for greater abrasion resistance, Built-in swivel, and no annual factory recertification is required.

Miller Turbolite Smallest Inertia Reel comes with various end connection options - Scaffold Hook & Twistlock Karabiner, Scaffold hook on block and Twistlock Karabiner, 2 Twistlock Karabiners, and Snaphook and Twistlock Karabiner.

Lightweight (1.6kg) Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) with Webbing Rope and Many Karabiner Options. (Not horizontal use). Complies to EN360

Compact Webbing Fall Limiter. Extremely robust and lightweight, features a fall indicator, corrosion-resistant internal parts, stainless steel and aluminium body and high impact cover.

Miller Scorpion Webbing Inertia Reel comes with various end fittings - Karabiner & Snaphook, Scaffold Hook (on block) & Snap Hook (on Line), Snaphook (on Block) & Scaffold Hook (on Line), and Karabiner and Scaffold Hook. Versatility : Can be directly connected to the harness D-ring and used like a traditional fall arrest lanyard. Extremely robust and lightweight, the Scorpion PFL features a fall indicator, corrosion-resistant internal parts, stainless steel and aluminium body and high impact polymer cover.

Edge Tested 2.7m retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Personal Fall Limiter, Suitable For Horizontal Use. Complies to EN360.

Sharp Edge Tested PFL. Compact and light, these sharp edge tested retractable lifelines attach to the rear D with the energy absorber attached to the harness for use over edges. Miller Scorpion Edge Tested Inertia Reel comes with various end fittings - Karibiner and Snaphook, Scaffold Hook and Karabiner and Scaffold Hook and Snap Hook. Inexpensive alternative for single energy absorbing lanyards! This product passed the 'sharp edge' test, thus ensuring your safety. Incorporating an energy absorber to ensure your impact force never exceeds 6kN

3m Webbing retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Inertia Reel. Complies to EN360.

Features include a Visual load indicator, an Energy dissipating element, High resistance thermoplastic housing, a Scaffold hook with swivel, high-impact composite housing and a corrosion resistant interior.

Miller Minilite Webbing Fall Limiter can come with a variety of End Fittings - Karabiner & Swivel Snaphook, Scaffold Hook & Snaphook, and Karabiner & Snap Hook.

Cable Personal retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Fall Limiter. 2.7m Length Personal Inertia Reel often used for welding applicationss. Complies to EN360.

Features Include 2.85 meter stainless steel cable, impact-resistant thermoplastic over aluminium cover, aluminium housing and hub, Integral internal shock absorber, Load indicator and high strength stainless steel braking system.

Miller Rhino Stainless Steel Cable Inertia Reel comes with a variety of End Fittings - Karabiner & Snaphook, and Scaffold Hook & Snaphook.

Miller Turbo T-BAK PFL - Tie-back safely with a retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) The Miller Turbo T-BAK is a Tie-Back Personal Fall Limiter. Complies to EN360 A cost-effective alternative to tie-back shock-absorbing lanyards. An all-in-one, self-retracting lifeline/anchorage connector design reduces equipment required on the job site. Designed for anchoring below a user's harness back D-ring for greater safety. ntegrated shock absorber especially designed for tie-back applications with load indicator device. Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE standards, including the ANSI Z359.1 requirement that states only 24-inches (.62m) or less of lifeline extends out of the housing when the unit is fully retracted. The new patent-pending Miller Twin TurboTM D-Ring Connector easily adapts two Miller Turbo T-BAK PFLs for continuous 100% tie-off fall protection. Recommended Industries/Use - Construction, Manufacturing. Oil and Gas, Utilities and many other 
Webbing Fall Arrest Lifeline. Compact retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Lightweight 6m Webbing Inertia Reel Block. Many Karibiner Options. Complies to EN360

Features of this Extra Lightweight retractable fall arrest lifeline are Aramid Webbing, which provides extremely high abrasion resistance, nylon casing for very high impact resistance, Stainless steel swivel bearing to eliminate lifeline twisting and a quick reaction brake mechanism which arrests falls within centimetres. Can come with 4 different types of connectors, 1 - No Connectors, 2 - Scaffold Hook and Karabiner, 3 - 2 Karabiners, 4 - Snap Hook and Karabiner.

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