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Miller "Falcon" Extremely Robust Inertia Reel Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) with Polyester Webbing Lanyard (Many Karabiner Options) - 6 Metre

Model:  Miller Falcon (web) / 6WIR-2336

No Connectors

63mm Scaffold Hook &


2 Karabiners

Karabiner & Double

Action Snap Hook

Model ?

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Webbing Fall Arrest Lifeline. Compact retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Lightweight 6m Webbing Inertia Reel Block. Many Karibiner Options. Complies to EN360

1016796_in With 6 metre webbing Lifeline – From Miller Fall Protection

  • Extra Lightweight retractable fall arrest lifeline block - Only 1.5 kg!!!
  • Unbelievably small and compact, not heavy on a harness.
  • A new innovation in automatic webbing retractable lifelines.
  • Best weight / length ratio on the market for a fall arrestor
  • Aramid Webbing provides extremely high abrasion resistance, tested to more than 20,000 cycles
  • The Miller Falcon fall arresting retractable block has a nylon casing that gives very high impact resistance and durability, suitable for heavy duty use.
  • Stainless steel swivel bearing eliminates lifeline twisting during use
  • 6m Webbing retractable lifeline: quick reaction brake mechanism arrests falls within centimetres (fall arrest force <6kN)
  • Swivel-mounted connector eliminates the block’s lifeline twisting during use, preventing it from being damaged

Increased Service Life

  • The composite casing is lightweight but solid, giving it extreme long-lasting service life
  • No annual factory re-certification required (only thorough examination) saving £80.00 per block, every year. Giving lower cost of ownership and increases productivity.
  • The impact resistant, corrosion resistant housing / case comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Telecommunications, Electricity & Transport
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • General Industry
  • Construction
  • and much more

Extremely Compact:

Falcon webbing reel size compact

Available in 4 options of connector type:


1016793 1016794 1016795 1016796
No Connectors
63mm Scaffold Hook and Connector
2 Karabiners
Karabiner and Double Action Snap Hook
Falcon SRL webbing.pdf

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