Fork Truck Booms & Tines

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A wide range of Fork Truck Booms and Tines from Liftingsafety!
Fork Truck Booms & Tines

Clearview Boom.

This is mounted directly onto the forks and is achieved in seconds, ideal for roll handling. This attachment is the solution when a changeover from pallet handling to handling of coiled or rolled products is required, and time is at a premium.

Low Profile Boom.

Designed for high or low capacity applications, this boom as with the 'Clearview' boom allows a fast changeover from pallet to roll handling, but with the added advantage of a low profile.

Big Bag Tines.

This is designed for handling standard big bags, this carriage mounted attachment gives increased lift height, the tines being set at the top of the carriage plate. The bags are picked up by pushing a tine through the loops on each corner of the bag. Handle stops prevent the bag from moving forwards during transportation.

Paper Reel Tines.

Designed for handling of horizontally positioned paper reels.

Steel Coil Boom.

This carriage mounted pole can be fitted with Quick mount bottom hangers at an extra cost. This is designed for handling reels, coiled, rolled or cylindrical products such as steel coils, reels of wire and concrete pipes.

Carpet Boom.

This is ideal for carpet lifting because this carriage mounted boom allows rolls to be moved with ease. Designed for handling carpets and all other types of floor covering or similar rolled materials. A heavy duty range of carpet pole manufactured from high grade EN24T steel with fully threaded pole construction. Mounts directly onto the carriage of the fork truck. Available in two different classes.

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