Materials Stacker Trucks - Manual Operation

Quick Ref: CN-244




Mini Manual Stacker Truck - 1200mm to 1700mm Lift Heights.

This product features a Unique perspex chain protection system. Ideal for lifting and transporting work pieces and also working in a limited space, capable of operating in a container or lorry. Foot pump hydraulic lifting system with twin total stop top quality non marking poly wheels with foot brakes.

Lightweight, sturdy and simple HP trolley lift

This mobile, sturdy and lightweight your personal "work-assistant" is ideal! Optimum lifting and transporting of all kinds of loads up to 400 kg and 1,2 m lifting height. Ensuring maximum stability the sturdy chassis is equipped with 2 fixed and 2 steering rollers and a wheel brake. Take your individual choice out of four models.

Pfaff HV 0516, HV 1008, HV 1016 manual hydraulic hand stackers This is our multi-purpose hand stacker unit: With its adjustable and removable forks you get the ideal tool for almost every application. Make only your choice between crane attachments, swivelling mechanisms for barrels, loading tables and all other useful accessories! You will surely find the ideal tool for your specific application! But there is one thing we can guarantee for the flexible HV 0516 due to its low weight and low roller friction. Its unrivalled maneuverability.

Quality hand stacker truck

This stacker has adjustable fork widths for wider or narrower applications. The hydraulic pump means less user effort is required. Heavy duty 1 piece C section forks for extra strength.

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