Tool Spring Balancers / Load Balancers

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We offer a wide range of quality tool balancers and hose balancers from quality manufacturers.

A tool spring balancer are a type of positioning equipment that will take the weight (neutralise the weight) of a tool or equipment which is attached to it and this is achieved by applying the correct tensioning a spring of the tool balancer. Because the tool spring balancer now takes the load effectively the item is now nearly weightless. If slightly more tension is applied the return spring of the tool balancer than the self weight of the tool the tool being balanced then the tool will retract slowly; the more tension that is applied to the spring the harder it will be for the operator to pull down the tool. For example, if the if the tool self weight is 50kg and 51kg of load tension is applied to the balancer spring then it will take 1kg of user effort to pull back the tool. This means a tool or piece of equipment can be positioned where ever it is required, and moved with the minimum of effort from the user. The spring balancer can be set so that the tool or equipment will not move until the user repositions it manually. 

Our range of tool spring balancers offer capacity ranges from 0.4kg up to 180kg, with strokes from 1.6m to 3m (can be extended) making them suitable for many operations, including repetitive tasks involving lightweight tools in production lines (air tools), right up to heavy industrial production processes (for example car manufacture) using very heavy items.
Using a tool balancer means that the workspace will be a safer place because the floor can be kept clear of dangerous trailing cables and tools can be positioned out of the way when not in use. The use of a tool spring balancer (work positioner) means that tools cannot be "dropped". They reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and reduce manual handling effort for the user. Operators can work more efficiently and don't get tired as quickly, therefore operators can work safer for longer periods, more efficiently and happier.

More about Tool Balancers

We aim to offer our spring balancers at a highly competitive price, and the efficiency improvements gained from utilising these units makes them extremely cost effective.  We offer specialised Spring Balancers, and can advise which balancer will best suit your requirements.

The balancers we offer are the European market leader., they cover a huge variety of industrial load handling applications. Made from pressure die cast aluminium, with the tightest quality controls, SELS Balancers are; on the whole, available from stock or in a short lead time.
A Locking device on a balancers will allow a load to be held a desired height. The load tensioning spring can be adjusted within a short range of weight settings to allow a load to be precisely balanced. Once balanced you can apply slight tension to the spring to make the tool (or equipment) raise to a higher rest position. (keeping their tools out of the way when not needed).

With balancers, workstations can be organised more efficiently by ensuring that tools are always in the right place. Balancers allow heavier tools to be used in an ergonomically efficient manner and prevent them from being accidentally dropped onto the floor, thus arresting the load from falling.

A complete range of balancers; capacities from 0,4 to 180 kg, available stroke up to 3 m though specials are available on request. 
Used to eliminate labour, to cut down idle times, to improve the work quality, to reduce hoses and cables wear and to avoid damages to both people and tools.
A spring balancer is most suitable for either bench or assembly line jobs, applications ranging from small tools to heavy industrial applications.
Special application balancers are available on demand.

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