Lifting Beams & Spreader Beams

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Custom Built Lifting and Spreader Beams, with special and bespoke designs available to your specifications.

Because of the potential number of options available all of our lifting beams and spreader beams are designed and manufactured individual to our customer’s requirements / specification and can be made from carbon steel painted or power coated, from stainless steel or from high strength lightweight aluminium. We offer lifting beams and spreader beams with guide prices, on request we will offer a quotation and will provide our customers with a general arrangement drawing on receipt of a purchase order. With most of the lifting beams the information, specification and dimensions are offered as a guide in good faith for illustration purposes only to give the end user an indication of the type of beams that are commercially available, usually them modified to suit individual requirements. With special and bespoke lifting beams a drawing will always be issued for approval prior to manufacture.

Lifting and spreader beams are designed to specification to suit each and every individual requirement for a wide variety of applications.

Customers can specify: Safe working load. Dimensions. Painted or galvanised. Suitability for marine and offshore use with anti sparking (spark resistant) features. Adjustable centre of gravity, Etc.....

All lifting beams are supplied CE certified.

Further information on safe use of spreader beams

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