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Topal "PAL BEAM / PAL TURN" For Turning / Rotating of Loads. One or Two Rotating Belt Options - Range to 20000kg

Model:  TTPB-3335

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Multiple applications for turning of loads (load turner).

The Pal-Turn system consists of a tube rotated by a gear driven motor. Pulleys, protected by castings, are mounted at both ends, which rotate the straps and in turn rotate the load. A control button box enables the exact position of the load to be easily achieved.

Pal Turn Example 2
Pal Turn Example 3
Pal Turn Example 4


  • Machine length up to 6 metres standard (bespoke systems and length available on application).
  • Easy adjustment through indexing on adjustable models.
  • Pendant or remote control.
  • Single or dual-speed motor.
  • Load held by textile or other straps.


The turning and handling of heavy and bulky loads is difficult and dangerous. To safely achieve this we offer PalTurn, a new range of systems for load turnover with fixed or adjustable lengths. Pal-Turn prevents shock loading and damage from scratches and deformation when:

  • Quality inspections are being made.
  • Machining, assembling, finishing and marking.
  • Handling.

Flexible use, reliable and without any maintenance, the Pal-Turn system meets the need of tomorrow's handling today.

Maximum Safety

  • Users: No risk of the load sliding or dropping.
  • Products: No marking or damage.
  • Equipment: Smooth operation.


  • Capacity from 1000kg (1 tonne) to 20000kg (20 tonnes).
  • Fixed or adjustable load centres.
  • Customised machine length.
  • Anti-tilt signalling.
  • Retractable lower hook.
  • Infrared remote control available.
  • Battery operated model available.
  • Possible modifications of the machine during its life.


  • Safety factor in accordance with the European Materials Handling Federation (1998 FEM 3rd edition).
  • Conformity to current European standards.


Pal Turn Dimensions 2
Capacity (kg) Min load centre A Strap Width B Width Ring Pin Dead height Hp Weight (kg) Power (kW)
D I K L M Ep H J G
1000 500 60 530 148 480 175 30 15 80 100 392 210 0.25
2000 600 60 660 195 813 224 40 24 98 212 725 360 0.55
5000 600 60 660 195 813 224 40 24 98 212 725 375 0.75
10000 1000 120 990 92 975 530 100 Ø 55 1837 1140 1.50
20000 1200 120 1040 226 1170 530 85 30 100 250 1011 1720 3.00

Directions For UsePal Turn Dimensions 3

Fir the Pal-Turn system onto the lifting system and place the straps at the base of the pulleys. If necessary on the adjustable model adjust the position of the pulleys to ensure that the load is horizontal. The Pal-Turn can then be operated.

Lifting Hooks

In order to adapt the Pal-Turn to various installations, several lifting hooks are available for simple or double hooks.

Turnover Pulleys

To increase safety and avoid clogging, the pulleys are protected with steel casing. Two screws enable the opening of these casings to free the straps. The pulleys may be either fixed or adjustable throughout the whole length.

Load Hold

Pal Turn Dimensions 1

Textile Straps

The Pal-Turn system operates using flat straps and the choice of strap type, endless or with buckles, and their construction material is made depending upon:

  • The material, weight and perimeter of the load.
  • The set-up and conditions of use.
  • The adhesion to half the sling angle included between 0° and 45°.

Other Load Hold TypesPal Turn Dimensions 4

Pal-Turn can also be developed to operate with different types of straps. e.g. chains, cables and slings.

Anti-tilt System

This option has two functions:

  • To help the operator when balancing the load prior to the operation.
  • To notify the operator in case the load becomes unbalanced during the turning operation.

Retractable Lower Hook

This option enables the load to be lifted without setting down the Pal-Turn.

Electrical control and supply

  • Switch box to protect the motor and the user (except 1000kg model).
  • Pendant or remote control.
  • The electric supply is through 3-phase or batteries (multi-energy model 2000kg).
  • Single or dual speed.
  • Standard IP54 electrical protection index (protection against dust, n noxious deposit, protection against water ejection from all directions). Otherwise indexes are available upon request.
Strap Construction Impregnated Coated
Application Regular loads with no sharp edges Restrictive loads with sharp edges
Durability and adherence Highly resistant to abrasion and with a high adherence coefficient. Flexible and long lasting. Highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. A high adherence coefficient and they are very long lasting.

A short video demonstration of the Tractel PAL TURN system.


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