Lifting Equipment Identification Labels & tags

Quick Ref: CN-1227
Tags designed for the purpose of identifying lifting equipment and used to cycle test or inspection dates.

Lifting equipment and height safety equipment in the UK and other parts of the globe are subject to mandatory periodic thorough examinations to ensure that lifting equipment is still in good order and therefore still safe to be used. For lifting gear the inspection period is six (6) or twelve (12) monthly dependant on the type of equipment. Thre are bi-annual inspections for lifting equipment accessories and annual inspections for lifting machines. The colour code tags that we offer enable a visual indication to the user that the equipment is still within an acceptable service period and so should be safe to use though still subject to user inspections prior to and after use. The lifting equipment identification tags are also equally great for visual identification that height safety equipment or fall arrest equipment is still with-in its mandatory inspection period. Fall arrest equipment is subject to 12 month examinations and man-riding equipment every 6 months (man-riding includes equipment and PPE that is load bearing such as suspended rope access equipment). Please note that these tags are an indication only in a scheme designed to work towards ensuring that all lifting and height safety fall arrest equipment is safety to use. Lifting / fall arrest identification tags / labels are part of the system, not the whole system. Thorough examination lifting equipment Inspection periods quoted are the maximum permissible in the UK though must be reduced according to user factors including the working environment, chemical and UV light exposure, amount of use, cleanliness, number of users user inspections etc.... Always for the lifting or fall arrest equipment manufacturers instructions on safe operation, maintenance and thorough examination

Lifting Equipment Identification Labels & tags

Coloured tags for the tagging and identification of site or workshop equipment. Robust and flexible, and can be printed with your artwork
Colour coded ID tags specifically for the tagging and identification of site or workshop equipment
Resistant to harsh environmental conditions, solar radiation, water ingress, chemical exposure and temperatures up to 85°C.

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