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Colour Coding Rubber Tags for Asset Identification / Periodic Inspection of Lifting Equipment - Sold In Packs of 50

Model:  RTFL-4734

Rubber Tag Colours
Rubber ID tag colour options
Part N° Colour Pack Qty Guide Price Quantity
4734-T24092 Black 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24105 Brown 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24106 Purple 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24093 Red 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24107 Orange 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24094 Royal Blue 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24097 Green 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24110 Lime Green 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24104 Sky Blue 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24117 White 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24118 Pink 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24119 Yellow 50 Tags £  98.00
4734-T24120 Various (5 Colours Max.) 500 Tags £  935.45
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Coloured tags for the tagging and identification of site or workshop equipment. Robust and flexible, and can be printed with your artwork

Quick identification of an important asset, or locating a defective cable can be the difference between losing valuable services for minutes, rather than days. Available 13 contrasting colours, these durable and extremely flexible tags are ideal for fast and effective recognition.

You can personalise your tags with bespoke, permanent laser printing OR write on them yourself with a quality permanent marker pen.

Product Features

  • Easy to fit.
  • Super Elastic for flexible fixing.
  • High contrast colours.
  • Large visual marking area.
  • Versatility.
  • Laser printing option (Min. 100 tag order - subject to approval drawing).


Tag Line Drawing
Rubber Id Tag

Securing Examples

Securing Example 1
Securing Example 2
Securing Example 3

Securing Example 4

Colours Available

Rubber Tag Colours

Laser Printing Examples

Lazer Printed Tag
Printed Identification Tag
Warning Tag

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