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RUD "WPPS" Weld Down Swivel Lifting Point, Clevis Connector Fitted With Lifting Hook - Range from 630kg to 8000kg

Model:  RUD WPP-S / WDLP-51

Rud Wpps Weld Down Swivel Lifting Point  Clevis Connector Fitted With Lifting Hook
RUD WPPS Weld Down Swivel Lifting Point



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RUD WPPS Weldable Swivel Lifting Points.

Weld Down Lifting Point

Lifting points for welding with a universal connection for every slinging means (hook and ring assemblies, endless sling chains, round slings, loops, etc): Provided with a double ball-bearing which enables jerk - free tilting, swiveling and turning.

The optimised design avoids the damaging of both the slinging means and the precious load when swiveling. Version WPP-S:

The standard universal welding connection using eye hooks for ring assemblies, round slings, wire ropes, hook assemblies etc. is not suitable for permanent swiveling under full load. Welding should be carried out only by qualified persons acc. to DIN EN 287-1.

Technical Specifications

Dimensional Drawing Nominal WLL T (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) G (mm) Weight (kg)
Dimensional Drawing 630kg 115 13 75 18 40 40 0.4
1500kg 147 20 97 25 46 50 1
2500kg 187 28 126 30 61 61 1.5
4000kg 227 36 150 35 78 77 3.3
5000kg 267 37 174 40 95 93 7.1
8000kg 310 49 208 48 100 102 8.2

Proof Testing

There is no requirement to Proof Test RUD Products, either Bolt or Weldable after Installation if the user instructions for welding are carried out correctly. The welding should be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent welder/person.

The supporting structure, or the load, should be of adequate strength to take the stresses involved and this is the responsibility of the engineering designer or equivalent.

RUD Lifting and Lashing Products are Manufactured and conform to EN 1677. No further Proof Testing in the field is required. In fact it would be considered that the Product had been overloaded if a Load more than the recommended Working Load Limit had been applied.

RUD products should be regularly inspected in line with the requirements of LOLER and as per our user instructions at intervals decided by a competent person.

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