Hoisting Accessories

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Spring recoil power supply festoon cable reelers and cable reeling systems generally used on our range of electric hoists.

In this category we offer accessories for lifting hoists of all types. These accessories are to be used in conjunction with our hoists to make the lifting procedure easier and/or safer for the operator or those in the working area. Radio remote control means that the operator can get a clearer view of the hoisting path ensuring that the way ahead is always clear and the hoisting operation is safe. We produced power supply festoon systems for all hoists; electric chain hoists; Compressed air and hydraulic hoist. Our festoon system is trolleys that run in track or spring recoil power supply festoon systems. Other accessories include lifting baskets Lifting buckets, hosting wheel barrows and probably the most overloaded in this category being our LiftingSafety power converters. These unique products convert single phase eclectic supplies into 3Ph 415v which means that our customers can operate 3 phase electric lifting hoists when only a 230v single phase power supply is available. 

Hoisting Accessories

Festoon cable system contains all the parts required to install a power cable supply. These Festoon cable systems have galvanised track and supports and system lengths from 3 to 30 metres.
Spring Recoil Cable reelers to suit 230v, 110v and 400v hoists; options for 3 or 4 cores, 1mm, 2mm and 2.5mm cable width

Series 5K & 7K Cable Reels have an external case manufactured from shock resistant plastic and are suitable for applications both with cable manually controlled and fitted on machines with automatic cable retraction. This range of drums features a ratchet stop every 50cm which can be easily disconnected if constant traction of cable is required. All slip rings have brass rings and brushes. Series 6K Cable Reels are similar to the above but have an external case manufactured from die cast aluminium.


Scaffold Hoist Brick Basket at 200kg Capacity.
Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow - Polypropylene Body This versatile wheelbarrow solves the problem of having to use fiddly chains when lifting wheelbarrows. By simply unlocking two catches and rotating the handles upwards the hoist-barrow can be quickly and safely lifted without the need for chains or slings, once the hoist-barrow reaches its destination the handles are quickly lowered back into position allowing a more rapid turn-around than conventional barrows.
Hoist Wheelbarrow - Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow at 146kg capacity.
Wedge shaped bucket for use with scaffold hoists.

This product is designed for lifting materials using a scaffold hoist.

Options are available in the following capacities: 45 litre, 90 litre or 120 litres

2 or 4 Bucket Carrier.

The Bucket Carrier is designed for use with a Scaffold Hoist.

Options for the lifting of 2 or 4 buckets are available.

Scaffold Hoist Lifting Hooks at 60kg capacity.
  • Maximum Capacity: 60kg
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Length: 360mm
  • Height: 410mm
  • Width: 65mm
Beam Buffer End Stops. Quick and Easy to Assemble and Install, for Devices with up to 10 tonne Lifting Capacity.

Along with our range of electric hoist accessories, we are a major supplier of a range of high quality and customisable electric hoists. If you would like to know more about these you can find them under the chain hoists section or AC / DC electric winches and hoist section (wire rope hoists)

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