Hydraulic Lifting Jacks - Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks, Handle operated

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All the lifting hydraulic jacks use pressurised oil to raise the load by the user applying force on the jack handle. The handle is connected to an integrated (built-in ) pump. As more pressure is built up in the hydraulic circuit with repeated pumping of the handle the jack will extend in length of the cylinder, thus raising the load.

A complete range of quality British manufactured hydraulic jacks which are all possible Tangye Hydralite equivalents and also UK made Lightweight Aluminium Hydraulic Cub Jacks, small and portable designs. The Economy Hydraulic Toe Jack range is available at 3 and 8 tonne capacity and our Hydraulic Toe Jack, a possible equivalent to the Tangye Hydraclaw. With 178mm Stroke.

LiftingSafety Hydraulic Jacks - Hand Operated Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks

A Yale range of Lightweight Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks and Steerman Rotating Hydraulic Machine Jacks. we also offer the Yale Steerman Hydraulic Toe Jacks and Yale compact hydraulic fork lift truck jacks with a max height of 187mm with 140mm stroke. Lifting Safety also offers Yale Universal Bottle Jacks for less demanding lifting equipment applications

Yale Hydraulic Jacks - Hand Operated Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks

The Pfaff rotating lifting jacks are great for working in a confined space. These jacks can be used vertically or horizontally and are avaliable at 5 tonne, 10 tonne or 25 tonne capacity

Pfaff Hydraulic Jacks - Hand Operated Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks

Tractel rotating toe jacks are robust construction with a single block steel body and wearing parts such as the column, the toe and the base plate are of high resistance special steel. Ergonomic and removable handle for transport (25 t model is fitted with rollers). Working Load applied on toe and head. Pressure valve to avoid overloading and have a release button controls lowering operations. The toe can swivel 360° around the axis of the jack. Operation can be in both vertical and horizontal position (vertical position only for 25t unit)

Tractel Hydraulic Jacks - Hand Operated Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks

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