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Miller Scorpion "Edge Tested" Inertia Reel Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) Polyester Webbing Lanyard (Many Karabiner Options) - 2.7 Metre

Model:  Miller Scorpion / 2IU-2592

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Edge Tested 2.7m retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Personal Fall Limiter, Suitable For Horizontal Use. Complies to EN360.

Sharp edge
Inexpensive alternative for single energy absorbing lanyards!

This product passed the 'sharp edge' test, thus ensuring your safety. Incorporating an energy absorber to ensure your impact force never exceeds 6kN

Features Include:
  • Scorpion automatic webbing retractable lifelines feature a quick action brake system that arrests the fall within centimetres
  • Compact and light, these sharp edge tested retractable lifelines must be attached to the rear D with the energy absorber attached to the harness for use when working near edges
  • Extremely solid and light, the scorpion automatic webbing retractable lifelines contain internal components that are corrosion resistant, comprising an aluminium and stainless steel casing, and a shock-resistant thermoplastic housing (weight: 1,760kg)
  • The Scorpion fall arrest inertia reel certified for horizontal use is fitted with a shock pack. Because the inertia reel will arrest the fall in about 100mm the fall distance is much less than a webbing or rope fall arrest lanyard. (IE, with a 2 metre lanyard it is possible to fall 2 metres before the lanyard in tension.)
  • The shock pack on the Scorpion Horizontal fall arrest inertia reel takes about 250kg of force to start deploying the fall arresting web. With good working practice it is probable that none or very little of the shock pack will actually be deployed. IE, With an anchorage point located above head it is likely that none of the shock pack will be deployed and the person's knees will not even touch the floor!
  • You need to ensure that the persons working at height are suitably trained and therefore competent and can identify and connect to an anchorage point that will reduce fall distance and thus reduce the consequences of the fall; therefore after a fall, the casualty may well be able to self rescue, though if not a simple rescue by others should be possible; in both cases you would greatly reduce the likelihood of personal injury to the casualty.
  • As you can see this system greatly reduces the potential fall distance compared to a traditional fall arrest lanyard though the risk assessment and method statement must take into account the fall distance and this can be affected by a casualty a swinging back towards the inertia reel anchorage point, commonly known as the Pendulum Effect.
Sharp Edge Test with 2m Fall:

Scorpion edge test diagram

Applications include:
  • Construction
  • Public works & civil engineering
  • Scaffolding
End Connection Options:
1016840 1016841 1016842
Screwgate Karabiner & Snaphook
Scaffold Hook & Screwgate Karabiner
Scaffold Hook & Snap Hook
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