Ridgegear Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

Quick Ref: CN-1573
Ridgegear Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

Mini retractable (self retracting) web block with built in shock pad. Complies to EN360

Ridgegear Mini Fall Arrest Block is a retractable mini web block ideal for personal issue to operatives working at height. The unit is designed to be connected, and worn directly on a fall arrest harness. Has an almost instant "lock off" in the event of a fall, and recoils into the drum when slack is introduced into the lanyard. The reduced trip hazard and compact design make this unit ideal for tight work and tasks where a shorter arc of mobility is required.

Super light retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) 3m fall arrest block. Complies to EN360 Xcalibre 3m Fall Arrest Block is the answer in safety when working at low levels due to its unique rapid breaking system (RBS). Packed with unrivalled technology, super light and finished with a sleek, compact and contemporary design, there is an Xcalibre block that will meet and exceed your expectations. Materials: composite mouldings UV stabilised, carbon steel black zinc plated, anodised aluminium, stainless steel Web spec: 3m polyester webbing Connectors: Supplied with allow swivel load indicator twist lock, Karabiner on life-line and 11mm alloy twist lock device. Capacity / weights: 3m webbing/ 1.1kg (including swivel hook), Dimensions 150mm x 80mm x 80mm excluding karabiners Arrest force / distance: Webbing 4.0kN / <300mm.
Ridgegear Defender fall arrest block with galvanised wire lifeline. Available on 3.3m, 6m or 9m lengths.
Ridgegear Defender fall arrest block with UHMWPE web lifeline and snaphook lower connector.

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