Titan Restraint and Work Positioning Height Safety Kits

Quick Ref: CN-1541
Titan Restraint and Work Positioning Height Safety Kits

Economy Restraint Kit with fixed length 2 metre lanyard. Not Suitable for fall arrest. Complies to EN361, EN354

The Titan Economy Restraint Kit comes with Titan Economy Harness- 1 Point Rear D Ring for Anchorage Model No. 101890 and 2m Lanyard with Karabiners Economy Restraint Lanyard with Karabiners Model No. 1002884. 

Titan Economy Roofers Kit. Complies to EN361, EN353-2

Miller Titan Economy Roofers Restraint Height Safety Kit Contains : Economy Harness, 2 Point Rear D Ring and front webbing loops. Harness Model No. 1011891 and Automatic Rope Grab on Lifeline Automatic Rope Grab, 10m rope Lifeline, 0.3m Lanyard Model No. 1011190

Work Positioning Kit with 2 Point Harness, Belt, Lifeline and Lanyard. Complies to EN361, EN360, EN358

Titan Economy Work Positioning Kit comprises of a Titan Economy Harness- 2 Point with Belt Rear D Ring and Front Webbing Loops for Anchorage, with work Positioning Belt Model No. 101894. Titan Economy Work Positioning Lanyard 1.8m Work Positioning Lanyard Model No. 1008288 and Titan CMS Retractable Webbing Lifeline Economy Lifeline in Plastic Housing with 2 Karabiners Model No. 1008334.

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