Tractel Fall Arrest Kits Inc. Energy Absorbing Lanyards

Quick Ref: CN-1540


Options at 1.75m or 2m scaff kit by Tractel.

Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyard Scaffolding Kit comprises of Tractel HT31 Harness and either a 1.75m lanyard or 2m Lanyard stitched on to the harness. 

Door Bar Kit from Tractel used to create an EN795 anchorage point across the opening of a door way.

Tractel Door Bar Mobile Anchorage Kit Comprises of : Tractel HT31 Harness, a door bar that complies with the EC standard EN 795B, Stopfor SL 03 m10 automatic fall prevention device for vertical line, 20 metre, 14 mm 3-strand polyamide fibre rope for fall arrest rope or making lanyards. Protective sleeve 50cm, and Shoulder bag Zip fastening size 430mm x 310mm x 150mm.

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