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"Cobra" Compact Round Lifting Slings (endless lifting slings). Conforms to BS EN 1492-2 - Range from 1000kg to 5,000kg.

Model:  RS-4641
Manufacturing Standard: BS EN 1492-2

Cobra 1 tonne
1 Tonne Cobra
Cobra 2 Tonne
2 Tonne Cobra
Cobra 3 Tonne
3 Tonne Cobra
Cobra 5 Tonne
5 Tonne Cobra
Working Load Limit (WLL)
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Round Lifting Slings (Fibre Endless Slings) with circular/tubed body (thinner and more rigid when compared to standard round slings).

You will only fully appreciate this innovative version of the round lifting sling by actually looking, touching and using it! The compact design still retains the 7:1 factor of safety to conform to BS EN 1492-2.

A webbing round sling has many other name that people in the lifting industry refer to them by, for example as a soft sling or endless lifting sling (because there is no end), a  lifting round strap or webbing or woven sling and many more! The design of the 'Cobra' round sling ensures lifting with the best safety conditions and excellent ergonomics.

A cost effective lightweight lifting sling that is soft to touch and much less likely to cause damage the material being lifted; it will not cause the type of injuries to the user associated with wire rope sling (cuts caused by broken wires, manual handling or impact injuries).

Fibre round slings are comparatively cheap compared to most alternative lifting slings and tend to be more flexible, lighter, and have a better FOS, the end result being that the customer tends to save money with the purchase and achieves greater productivity from staff operating.

Advantages of the 'Cobra' Round Sling

  • Tubular like design - More compact than a standard polyester round sling (see below image).
  • The sling retains its rigidity, so is easy to work with and use.
  • Because of its design, the sling doesn't tangle, and is easy to store.
  • Operating temperature between +100°C and -40°C.

Maximum Safety

Comparison To Standard Sling
Standard Round Sling - The effort is supported only by the external fibres
Cobra Round Sling - The effort is equally supported by all of the fibres
Comparison To Standard Roundsling
Standard Round Sling - The fibres are looser
Cobra Round Sling - The fibres are more compact/rigid
Comparison to Standard Round Sling

Comparison to standard round sling

Sling Capacities and Colour Codes

Capacity 1 tonne 2 tonne 3 tonne 5 tonne
Approx. Diameter 16mm 20mm 22mm 29mm
Colour Purple Green Yellow Red

Additional Features

No Knotting

Thanks to the design, the sling does not tangle
Pvc Protective Sleeve

Reduction in protective sleeve size due to the compact sling design
Sling On Hook

The sling naturally sits itself easier in the hook
Cobra Sling

More ergonoically friendly during the the rigging process due to rigidity

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