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Tractel TOPAL GP Beam Clamp - Range from 1000kg to 10,000kg

Model:  TTG-3299

Tractel Topal GP Beam Clamp
Tractel TOPAL GP Beam Clamp - 1000kg to 10,000kg
Part N° Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Guide Price Quantity
3299-T20806 1000 60-180 £  213.06
3299-T20807 2000 60-200 £  255.46
3299-T20808 3000 60-300 £  292.56
3299-T20809 5000 100-390 £  390.08
3299-T20810 10,000 100-390 £  738.82
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Beam Clamp with clamping and locking screw, can also be used to lift girders when used in pairs.


This clamp is designed to provide a permanent or semi-permanent suspension point on girders, to suspend hoists, lifting beams, pulleys, etc.

This clamp can also lift girders when used in pairs with a lifting beam.

These beam clamps are fitted with a screw allowing the locking in position for providing an hanging point. One of the arms slides, therefore allowing the easy positioning and clamping of the loaded beam clamp. The use is made easier thanks to a handle.


The clamp opening is adjusted thanks to the sliding arm and the locking screw. The clamp is immobilized on the profile:

  • by activating the locking screw when providing an hanging point.
  • by sliding the arm in case of lifting operation (closing without any intervention).
The clamp’s loading ensures proportional clamping.

 How to Use the Beam Clamp

  1. Fit the clamp to the beam.
  2. Adjust its opening using the sliding arm.
  3. If the clamp is used as a suspension point on girder:
    Lock the sliding arm via the fixing screw (tighten this screw by hand using the handle,
    no tool needed).
  4. If the clamp is used to lift girders:
    In that case, it is not necessary to lock the sliding arm, lifting ensures clamping of the clamp.


Model Capacity (kg) Opening (mm)
GP1 60-180 1000 60-180
GP2 60-200 2000 60-200
GP3 60-300 3000 60-300
GP5 100-390 5000 100-390
GP10 100-390 10000 100-390

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