Steel Section Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-146
A Selection of Competitively Priced Section Lifting Clamps from Crosby and Camlok

Steel section lifting clamps are offered in our lifting claps catalogue as manufactured by quality lifting equipment manufacturers like Tractel, Camlok, Crosby IP Clamps, Riley and Yale with more to be added in the near future. We offer value through choice. Greater choice means that there is a better chance we will have a clamp with the special key features that you are looking for! This category is populated with clamps to lift steel profiles, raw materials in different sizes and shapes as you would expect to see at a steel stockholder; materials such as I Beams (RSJ) rolled steel joists or Universal beam, bulb bars, angle iron, round shaped steel sections and square section (hollow section). We offer clamps lift most steel profiles though please contact our sales team if you do not see the lifting clam that you are looking for. 

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