Riley Superclamp Steel Beam Lifting / Suspension Clamps - To Suit UB, RSJ, I Section or H Section

Quick Ref: CN-1795



For side load applications where conventional clamps are unsuitable. This universal clamp has been designed not only for vertical use, but also for side load applications, where conventional clamps are not suitable. This clamp is truly versatile in application and can be used for lifting, pulling or as an anchor point. It can be loaded at any angle and eliminates the use of spreader beams in various lifting operations. With a low headroom anchor point, it can be used as a single or twin point lifting, giving positive grip and quick application combined with lightweight construction.

Lightweight, low cost girderclamp.

A lightweight low cost girderclamp with low headroom anchor point makes this a highly recommendable unit for most industrial applications.


Clamps Incorporating Lifting Eye and Adjusting Bar.

These girder clamps are designed for light industrial applications; particularly where a permanent overhead anchor point is required. These high strength inexpensive lightweight clamps are excellent for application in small garages and hobbyist workshops.

As with all our superclamp products each PFC unit is proof loaded and supplied with a certificate of test and inspection.

Incorporating Adjusting Mechanism and Lifting Shackle. These girder clamps are truly versatile in application and may be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor point. Designed specifically to provide maximum jaw grip adjustment. These products are engineered for practical use where mobility is essential. The clamps are speedily applied and do not require additional tools or width adjusting components, such as spacing washers. The left and right-hand threaded adjusting bar ensures a secure grip on the beam flange.

Incorporating Adjusting Mechanism and Lifting Shackle.

Girderdogs incorporate all the reputedly excellent and reliable design features for which our products are known. The design is enhanced by a well balanced distribution of side plates, ensuring maximum grip and hold over an adequate length of girder or beam flange. They are safe in use, and once in position, are speedily applied to a steel beam.

No additional width adjusting tools or components are required.

Incorporating Machined Jaw, Adjusting Mechanism and Lifting Shackle.

Swivel jaw adjustable girder clamps incorporate the additional benefit of horizontal jaw adjustment. This enables the full length and a maximum width of the swivel jaw to anchor evenly on a considerable surface area of the beam flange. The ‘Swivel Jaw’ range of our SuperClamp products are designed to ensure ease of application.

Incorporating Stationary Height Stabilizer Block. These monorail construction clamps are designed to enable speedy erection of permanent or temporary overhead conveying systems, where existing steel girders are of an adequately balanced horizontal level. Both clamps are fully adjustable by operating the left and right hand threaded adjusting bars incorporated into the unit. The designed-in stationary height stabilizer block ensure a rigid construction of the unit. Additional tools or width adjusting components are not required to apply the unit onto existing steel girders.

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