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Riley Superclamps PFC1/2 Permanently Fixed Adjustable Girderclamps, WLL of 1000kg or 2000kg

Model:  Riley Superclamps PFC1/2 / RSC-3348

Sels Permanent Fixed Girdeclamp
Riley Superclamps PFC1/2 Permenantly Fixed Adjustable Girder Clamps - 1000kg or 2000kg
Part N° Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
3348-T20927 1000 2.1 £  82.00
3348-T20928 2000 2.5 £  92.00
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Clamps Incorporating Lifting Eye and Adjusting Bar.

Incorporating Lifting Eye and Adjusting Bar.

These girder clamps are designed for light industrial applications; particularly where a permanent overhead anchor point is required. These high strength inexpensive lightweight clamps are excellent for application in small garages and hobbyist workshops.

As with all our superclamp products each PFC unit is proof loaded and supplied with a certificate of test and inspection.

Sels Permanent Fixed Girdeclamp


Part No: Capacity (kg) Jaw Grip Adjustment (mm) A Jaw Aperture (mm) E Lifting Eye Verticle Aperture (mm) B Sideplate Thickness (mm) D C (mm)
G (mm)
Weight (kg)
20927 1000 76 - 190 22 38 6.0 212 220 2.1
20928 2000 76 - 190 22 38 8.0 212 220 2.5


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