Crosby Bulb Bar Section Lifting Clamps

Crosby Bulb Bar Section Lifting Clamps
Quick Ref: CN-1797


Bulb Profile Lifting Clamp.

Lifting Clamp IPBU(U)Z is suitable for the lifting, transfer and placing of bulb profiles onto ship hulls perpendicularly. The IPBU(U)Z lifting clamp is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions, which ensures complete reliability. To be used exclusively for bulb profiles (not for plates).

Available in two versions: IPBUUZ with universal hoisting eye and IPBUZ with fixed hoisting eye.

The minimum working load must be at least 10% of the rated WLL.

Temporary Tackle-Eye Bulb Profile Clamp.

Lifting clamp IPBTO is ideally suited as a temporary tackle eye in spaces which have been reinforced with HP (bulb) profiles such as engine rooms and ship sections. The IPBTO lifting clamp is fitted with a screwed spindle for easy attachment of the clamp. The moment a load is applied the clamp is automatically fixed.
Higher WLL and different jaw-apertures (HP profiles) upon request.

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