Pfaff Mechanical (non-hydraulic) Jacks - Head and/or Toe Lift

Quick Ref: CN-1833

Pfaff SYW-F Steel Jacks (Fixed Lifting Claw) - Range from 1500kg to 10,000kg and are a quality steel jacks with fixed lifting claw. used for lifting all types of loads across varying of industry sectors. Pfaff also offer a range of heavy duty cable drum jacks to 10tonne and Steel Jacks with an adjustable lifting claw. With Pfaff reliability and long service life can be guaranteed by the  high-quality manufacturing process.


Quality steel jacks with fixed lifting claw. The steel jack is standard equipment for tool and machinery shops, contractors, shipyards, agriculture and workshops: our steel jack with fixed lifting claw can be delivered with different types of hand crank for lifting the jack shaft along the rack. It offers a very long service life due to its high quality spur gear, precise worked crank gear as well as additional worked pawl. The steel jack STW-F is a masterpiece of technique and price/performance ratio.

Steel Jacks with adjustable lifting claw. Quality produced in series. In the steel jack with adjustable lifting claw our experience is shown in our technical competence. The crank handle – in different executions – moves the jack shaft at the rack. The toe height of the claw can be adjusted to the required mounting or maintenance application. Reliability and long service life can be guaranteed by the  high-quality spur gear and precision machined wear-resistant rack.

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