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Pfaff STW-V Steel Jacks (Adjustable Lifting Claw) DIN 7355 - Range from 3000kg to 10,000kg

Model:  STW-V / PS-3191

Pfaff Steel Jack Adjustable Claw
Toe Adjustment Example
Pfaff Steel Jack Adjustable Claw Toe Adjustment Example
Part N° Lifting capacity (kg) Unit Price Quantity
3000kg £  504.00
5000kg £  669.00
10000kg £  1123.00
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Steel Jacks with adjustable lifting claw.

Pfaff Steel Jack Adjustable ClawToe Adjustment Example

Steel jacks with adjustable lifting claw designed for use in confined or tight areas. High quality spur gear and robust steel housing offer long service life.


  • The steel jacks are toothed rack winches with spur gear.
  • The load is held in every position by load pressure brake.
  • The load can be positioned in such a way that the load is taken from head or claw. Due to reasons of safe position, it is only suited for lifting loads on one side.
  • The safe function of the load pressure brake is only guaranteed, depending on design (safety crank, safety ratchet crank), with loads off approx. 5% up to 10% of the nominal load.

Jack Specificatons

Type Dims 3000kg Model 5000kg Model 10000kg Model
Lifting capacity (head) kg 3000 5000 10000
Lifting capacity (toe) kg 3000 5000 10000
Minimum head height mm 720 720 792
Claw adjust. height - 1 mm 69 62 85
Claw adjust. height - 2 mm 166 159 191
Claw adjust. height - 3 mm 263 256 297
Claw adjust. height - 4 mm 360 353 403
Claw adjust. height - 5 mm 457 450 509
Claw adjust. height - 6 mm 554 547 615
Lift mm 350 300 300
weight kg 25 30 48

*Pfaff steel jacks are supplied with SIKu braked safety crank fitted as standard SIFeKu and RaKu cranks are available on request.


Pfaff Silberblau Steel jacks with adjustable lifting claw.

Operating, safety and service instructions including all dimensions.
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