Fork and Mast Type Counterbalance Cranes

Quick Ref: CN-1454

This version of our portable counter weight floor crane incorporates the carriage of a fork truck with a telescopic jib arm of a crane or fork truck tines. This results in fantastic piece of workshop lifting equipment that can be tailored to our customers requirements. We offer many options of this crane with safe working loads up to 2000kg. The advantage of this type of lift is that the lift is true vertical, ie, there is no 'Ark' when the material is lifted or lowered making it easier to judge the best position for the lift; secondly, the hook will go much lower than our standard floor cranes and will raise as high as you need! all achievable because we will make each crane to your required maximum lifting height. he lifting action is similar to that of a fork lift truck. We have designed and manufactured a carriage to accept either fork tines or a Jib lifting arm. All our floor cranes are bespoke made to order and therefore we can offer a design service to meet customers individual requirements.

Fork and Mast Type Counterbalance Cranes

Counterbalance floor crane with fork truck carriage (fork lift tines). Stainless Steel Option.Can be made to customer specification

Derived from a counterbalanced floor crane with a fork truck attachment with pallet forks fitted. Portable and versatility using the vertical lifting fork lift style carriage and mast. Pallets lifted by manual hydraulics, 12v DC battery lift (powered lifting) or by hand winch. Made to order we can supply Lifting height to suit customers requirements. The forks (tines) can be removable and other attachments fitted such as a jib arm or drum lifting attachment. Individual attachments offered to meet user requirements.

Counter-balanced floor crane With Carriage Mounted Vertical Lift column. Optional Stainless Steel. Can be made to customer specification

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