Carriage Mounted Fork Truck Jib Attachments

Quick Ref: CN-1809


High-lift telescoping jib fork truck attachment.

This High Lift Telescopic Jib has all the features of the standard model but with the benefits of extra lift capability. Quick release button hangers are also available. Jibs for bar-mounted and DIN spec, carriage is also available.

Carriage Mounted Jib.

A manually extending jib which mounts your fork lift truck. Allows the versatility of manoeuvrability of a shorter reach jib. Quick Release Bottom Hangers also available. Available for DIN (square plate) carriages.

Carrimax fork mounted jib arm.

This Crane Jib often referred to as a swan neck jib can increase the versatility of your fork lift truck through the gain in lift height. This style of carriage mounted jib is again fitted with our simple to fit carriage mountings. The mountings simply hook over the carriage and bottom blocks clasp the jib in place. Bolt on or quick release bottom blocks are available.

1200mm Economy Jib.

A single-hook-position low cost jib generally tailor-made to suit handling of a specific product. Ideal for tasks such as engine removal, tool changing etc. This particular forklift jib is rated accordingly to suit a 1000kg forklift truck, thus giving you piece of mind that this is the correct size forklift jib for the lifting capacity of your forklift truck.

High lift jib arm attachment that mounts directly to the fork lift truck, in place of the fork tine carriage.

This carriage mounted jib is designed for where greater lift height is required. This swan neck jib is supplied complete with hook and shackle. Available with quick release hangers.

Hydraulic Telescopic Jib.

This Model of Carriage Mounted Extender Jib is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder to enable the telescopic inner beam to be positioned with ease without the need for the forklift operator to leave his seat. The inner beam can be positioned infinitely between 1250mm - 2000mm. Lifting points under the fixed section of the beam run from 500mm to 1000mm at 250mm increments. This Crane Jib is provided with two hooks and shackles thus allowing long loads to be slung at greater centres presenting superior stability of the load. Requires 1 double acting hydraulic service on the fork truck.

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