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Fork Lift Truck Mounted Cross Beam Jib Lifting Attachment - Range From 500kg to 2000kg

Model:  CBJ-602

Guide Price £ 896.10  

NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 70.00)

Cross Beam Jib.

  • Fork Lift Truck Mounted Cross Beam 2
    This product gives dual functions of supporting a load along the truck length like a standard jib or lifting a load at right angles to the truck like a spreader beam.
  • Allows wide/long loads to be transported safely.
  • The attachment is fork mounted and secured to the truck using a chain that is wrapped around the carriage.
  • Supplied c/w two hooks and shackles.
  • When in the beam position it spans 2000mm.
  • The minimum load centre will be 250mm.
  • Capacity in this position is 2000Kg.
  • When in the jib position it reaches 2000mm.
  • The Capacity in this position is 500Kg.


Load Centre Jib Position
Capacity Jib Position
Load Centre Beam Position
Capacity Beam Position
Weight (kg)
2000mm 500kg 250mm 2000kg 125
Fork Lift Truck Mounted Cross Beam1

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