Fork Mounted Lifting Hooks

Quick Ref: CN-1810


Fork mounted hook with adjustable bolt action that fastens to the forklift tines.

This is the most cost effective way of safely hanging a load under the forks of your lift truck, it just simply clamps onto the forks anywhere along their length.

Adjustable Fork Mounted Hook for use on Fork Lift Truck or Telehandler Tines

Fixed fork mounted hook attachment.

This is a simple and cost effective means of converting your forklift truck into a mobile crane. With anchor bars at the back of the attachment lock behind the heels of the forks to prevent movement of the attachment.

Safe working loads of 1500kg or 3000kg available with swivel hook attachment.

PC Swivel Hook Forklift Truck Attachment from Topal Industries.

  • Provides an hanging point on fork lift trucks to handle loads.

  • These accessories are fitted with an immobilizing system on the fork lift truck tines ensuring that lifting operations are performed safely.

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