LiftingSafety Fall Arrest & Man Riding Systems

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LiftingSafety Fall Arrest & Man Riding Systems

Electric, Pneumatic or manual hoist with indefinite lifting height . 2m span and adjustable height (or bespoke) for man-riding, fall arrest / rescue. Mobile, lightweight aluminium fall arrest system designed for portability, adjustable size to suit most environments. Meets the requirements for EN795 certification. We supply as a complete system with specialist and bespoke fall arrest / manriding and/or rescue equipment and PPE to suit for your specific height safety requirements. The gantry system offer more space for manoeuvrability of the worker, operator and rescuer than you would get with a tripod system. The man lifting rescue gantry is fitted with anchorage points to suit your individual needs, for fall arrest / rescue purposes and restraint points for the winch operator and the rescuers. Also designed to lift materials up to 500kg SWL.
Adjustable combination gantry crane and man-riding tripod built into a single transportable unit for ease of use on different site locations. The light-weight aluminium Flygt Easylift has been specially designed so that it can be safely assembled by a single person and is stable even during erection, with no heavy part or hard to place bolts. This gantry tripod also conforms to the work at height regulations, certified for man-riding, rescue and fall arrest applications. Loads can be moved without moving the equipment from its centre of gravity.
Aluminium or carbon steel construction man-riding gantry with no maximum working height Our mobile/temporary access man riding Gantry system is supplied with independent fall arrest facility and a back-up manual rescue winch for applications specifically where a long lift or lowering height is required. This Gantry system is a bespoke product manufactured suit our customers individual needs with bespoke heights and widths or fully adjustable - from steel (painted / Galvanised) from lightweight aluminium.
Powered or manual temporary suspended work access system for working heights of up to 90 metres with back-up fall arrest and rescue. A temporary access man riding system with backup fall arrest protection and manual rescue winch for applications specifically where a long lift height is needed offering a maximum working height of 90 metres. This kit of parts it is designed / tailored specifically to suit our customers individual needs and the illustration is only to help demonstrate how the system could work; it offers maximum portability and can be set-up in scenarios where using a fall arrest retriever block is simply not possible due the excessive working height. For example a fall arrest retriever inertia reel is only available up to maximum rope length of 40 metres.
Hoisting systems specifically designed to operate multiple wire rope hoists with individual or collective controls.

We offer a choice of electric single or three phase power supplies or compresses air/pneumatic motors with an optional corrosion resistant finish suitable for offshore use. Monorail hoists and lifting beams to customers dimensional requirements with manual travel or power travel monorail trolley systems (Low headroom design) with integrated wire rope reeler and height of lift to suit customers requirements. Wired pendant control or radio remote control. Optional overload protection that can be factory set to stall at customers chosen capacity. Optional lifting speeds available up to 18 metre per minute and single or dual speed lifting with lifting capacities of up to 3000kg per hoist.

Tripod system for use with manriding electric / compressed air or manual wire rope hoists. (SWL 500kg for materials only)

LiftingSafetys electric / compressed air powered tripod system with single or 3 phase hoisting/lifting hoist with EC Declaration is fully certified for man-riding applications and has a number of unique safety features including: Back-up fully independent fall arrest system. Independent rescue system. Top and bottom limit switches. Self contained automatic rope reeler (no handling or tangling issues, less chance of accidental damage). Manual emergency descent system to lower the casualty in the event of an emergency / power failure. Overload alarm (electric option only) that can be factory set to sound / warn at a capacity chosen by the client. Pendant control with 'dead man' operation.

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