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Temporary Suspended Access System For Long Descents. Powered or Manual Operation, Designed to Our Customers Specific Needs.

Model:  PISAS-3531

Powered/Manual Temporary Suspended Access System
Temporary Suspended Access System for Long Descents - Designed to Customers Specification
Height of lift required (Hoist wire rope Length)
Max. Weight to be Hoisted
Manual or powered lifting (hoist electric or manual)
Environment to be Used (please describe)

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Powered or manual temporary suspended work access system for working heights of up to 90 metres with back-up fall arrest and rescue.

SELS offer our this mobile / temporary access man riding system with independent fall arrest facility and manual rescue winch for applications specifically where a long lift height is needed offering a maximum working height of 90 metres. This kit of parts it is designed / tailored specifically to suit our customers individual needs and the illustration is only to help demonstrate how the system could work; it offers maximum portability and can be set-up in scenarios where using a fall arrest retriever block is simply not possible due the the excessive working height. For example a fall arrest retriever inertia reel is only available up to maximum rope length of 40 metres.

This set-up is particularly useful when it is not possible to use a gantry or Tripod as the anchoring devise by utilising the roof structure or overhead steelwork to create a suitable anchorage point. Its worth mentioning that we also offer this system complete with either an aluminium gantry or a tripod!

The manriding hoist is avaliable as a manual 2 speed hand winch or as electric or battery powered (also having a manual back-up handle). The longest rope that can be fitted to the hoist is 90 metres. The powered or manual hoist safety provides means of suspended man access / egress; i.e. lifting the worker in and out of the confined space.

When a person is suspended while working at height there is the always a risk of falling due to equipment / winch failure and therefore the manriding system should incorporate means of arresting a potential fall - The Fall arrest plan! The system must also incorporate a way to retrieve the casualty after the arrested fall - the rescue plan!

For this manriding application (suspended work at height) we offer an independent fall arrest system; we use a fall arrest devise on an independent cable that is connected to the user with a lanyard. The fall arrest block relies on the manual intervention for it to be able to move up and down the independent rope; like a dead mans handle! If the user lets go of the lever on the fall arrest block it will no slide on the rope.

Once a fall has happened the rescue winch is then used to raise the casualty to safety. As a 'second back-up' the independent rope is also anchored with another arrestor.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the suitability and strength of the anchorage points for the application.
Contact our sales team for a quotation and for advise on equipment to suit your your needs.Powered/Manual Temporary Suspended Access System

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