Man-Riding and Rescue Tripods

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An extensive range of tripods which have been specifically designed for rescue and/or man-riding applications.

Man-Riding and Rescue Tripods

Tractel "Tracpode" Aluminium Rescue Tripod with 20m or 30m maximum working heights. 1.76m to 2.70m Tripod height positions

The Tracpode™ is an anchor point designed to be used temporarily by one or two persons to access a confined space such as a well, a silo, a sewage system, etc. It is made of aluminium and its light-weight design (18 Kg) makes it easy to transport. The height of the Tracpode™ is adjustable by its extending tubes which can be adjusted to six positions.

Tripod system for use with manriding electric / compressed air or manual wire rope hoists. (SWL 500kg for materials only)

LiftingSafetys electric / compressed air powered tripod system with single or 3 phase hoisting/lifting hoist with EC Declaration is fully certified for man-riding applications and has a number of unique safety features including: Back-up fully independent fall arrest system. Independent rescue system. Top and bottom limit switches. Self contained automatic rope reeler (no handling or tangling issues, less chance of accidental damage). Manual emergency descent system to lower the casualty in the event of an emergency / power failure. Overload alarm (electric option only) that can be factory set to sound / warn at a capacity chosen by the client. Pendant control with 'dead man' operation.

Aluminium Tripod, Extendible up to 2.1m with Optional man riding winch and fall arrest retriever block.

Lightweight Rescue Tripod is available with manhandler winch for man-riding and mightyevac for fall arrest & rescue, The manhandler winch can come with two different rope types : 20m galvanised steel wire rope or stainless steel wire rope. The mightyevac comes with either 15m wire rope, 30m wire rope or 40m wire rope. Max Working Load: 136 kg. Breaking Strength: > 10 KN. Weight: 15 kg. Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C. Dimension fully retracted: 1.17m dia 0.84m manhole. Dimension fully extended: 2.1m dia 1.50m manhole. Anchorage points: Galvanised steel.

2.13m or 2.70 metre High Aluminium Rescue Tripod, with Optional Winch and retriever block

A very lightweight and portable rescue tripod which can be set up by a single and is available in two different working height. As standard it features non-slip rubber feet, with spiked edges and fitted safety chains. The leg has an integrated mounting bracket for a self-retracting lifeline or a winching device. Very lightweight and portable with a single person set up. 2 options at different working heights and avaliable with non-slip rubber feet, spiked edges, safety chains as standard, leg mounting bracket for a self retracting lifeline, or a winch. Maximum working capacity of 160kg. 

200kg cast aluminium tripod for rescue with minimum height of 1.68m and a maximum of 2.67m

The RGR1 is a portable and lightweight rescue tripod which can be easily erected on site. It has adjustable lower and intermediate legs at 80mm intervals that enable the tripod to adapt and adjust to comfortably fit, levelling the tripod on uneven surfaces or varying ground conditions. Accredited to: EN795. Material: Aluminium cast and extruded legs and Fittings: EN795 attachment points. Weight: 17.6 kgs. Portable and universally adjustable. Height: Min 1.68m - Max 2.67m. Span diameter: 1.80m. Packed Length: 1.37m. SWL: 200kg.


Adjustable tripod for working at height safely and rescue applications.

Features telescopic adjustable feet, automatic locking legs when opened, stabilizer pad on each foot, 4 high strength anchorage points, aluminium section design, cast head in high-strength Aluminium and 8 height setting points. Available with different options - No Retrieval Block, 15m Retrieval Block or 25m Retrieval Block. Also a choice of rescue winch options - No Rescue Winch or 20m Rescue winch. Available with a carry bag for the tripod.

Aluminium Tripod, Extendable from 1.34m up to 2.3m with optional Man Riding Winch or Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block Aluminium construction for ease of lifting, Adjustable from 1340mm fully retracted to 2300mm fully extended, Telescopic legs,  Supplied with security chain around the base, Stabilising feet with rubber grip. Yale is a top quality lifting and height safety equipment manufacturer, we are proud to offer to our customers the Yale Rescue tripod system for fall arrest and man riding applications. The tripod is made from light weight aluminium, it is height adjustable, the legs are telescopic and the whole tripod folds for storage and / or transportation. We offer the tripod certified to EN794 with a maximum capacity of 500kg though LiftingSafety also offer as a complete height safety set with man-riding winch (20 or 25m) or / and with a fall arrest inertia reel.
Advanced Tripods are constructed of lightweight tubular aluminum with a rugged steel head assembly 7ft (2.1m) or 10ft (3.0m) options These tripods can be combined with up to three pulleys to accommodate a variety of winches and fall-arrest devices to meet a wide range of confined space entry/retrieval and rescue requirements. Pulleys are mounted on top of the head assembly to provide extra overhead clearance in tight  situations. Quick release pins positively locate components at all adjustment points for tool-less setup and adjustment. Light weight and fully adjustable!
Adjustable combination gantry crane and man-riding tripod built into a single transportable unit for ease of use on different site locations. The light-weight aluminium Flygt Easylift has been specially designed so that it can be safely assembled by a single person and is stable even during erection, with no heavy part or hard to place bolts. This gantry tripod also conforms to the work at height regulations, certified for man-riding, rescue and fall arrest applications. Loads can be moved without moving the equipment from its centre of gravity.
Sala Aluminium Tripods with Adjustable Locking Legs, Safety Chain, Safety Shoes, Top Pulley and Quick Mount Bracket.

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