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Genie Lift Type GL Materials Lifter. Working Heights From 1.8m to 4.2m - 159kg to 227kg

Model:  Genie Lift GL / SGL-2562

Standard Base Genie-Lift
 Counterbalanced Genie-Lift
Straddle Base Genie-Lift
Genie Lift Standard Base Genie Lift CounterBalanced Base Genie Lift Straddle Base
Standard Forks
Standard Forks Platform Boom
Genie Model
Base Type
Wheel/Castor Options
Fork/Lift Options

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Genie-Lift™ materials lifts. Base types are standard, straddle or counterbalance.

With three base models and many accessories to choose from, the Genie® Lift™ is ideal for a wide variety of tasks, including shipping/receiving, lifting heavy material to or from shelves, installing and repairing HVAC components, lifting and moving automotive parts, and other manufacturing applications.

Three Base Options

Choose the adjustable straddle base for small pallets, appliances or bulky objects. The shorter legs on the counterweight base allow you to get closer to loads on counter-tops or shelves. Plus, the standard base offers a low loading height suited for general lifting and material delivery.

Compact, Maneuverable Design

The telescoping aluminum frame makes the unit compact, the steel forks and winch handle are reversible for flexibility, and a hold-down mechanism secures the carriage for easy transport and storage.

Versatile Options

An electric winch, a ladder accessory and a load-handling platform are available to customize your lift. The boom option turns your Genie® Lift™ into a vertical crane or hoist capable of lifting 210 to 500 lbs (95 to 227 kg) with up to 20 in (51 cm) of reach.

These are a few of the thousands of applications:

  • Shipping/receiving.
  • Transporting appliances.
  • Lifting heavy material to or from shelves.
  • Moving office equipment.
  • Installing ceiling/wall appliances.
  • Record storage and retrieval.
  • HVAC installation and repair.
  • Lifting equipment/computer products in retail stores.
  • Handling cement bags.
  • Lifting and moving automotive parts.

General Features

Fork Options

Standard Forks
Standard Forks
Load Platform


Power Options

  • Standard winch.
  • Electric winch.

Base Options

Standard Base Genie-Lift
Standard Base (GL-4, -8 only)
Straddle Base Genie-Lift
Straddle Base (all units)
 Counterbalanced Genie-Lift
Counter Balanced Base (GL-4, -8, -10 only)

Wheel / Castor Options

Straddle and standard base Counterweight base
  • 20 cm (8 in) non-marking rear wheels.
  • Pneumatic rear tyre option.
  • 5cm (2 in) dual wheel front swivel casters.
  • 12 cm (5 in) rear swivel casters with side brakes.
  • 10 cm (4 in) fixed front wheels Straddle base.
  • 4 point caster option.

Standard Features

Genie Lift GL-4 Genie Lift GL-8
  • 1.80m (5ft 11in) maximum lift height.
  • Up to 227kg (500lb) load capacity.
  • 3.06m (10ft 5in) maximum lift height.
  • Up to 181kg (400lb) load capacity.
Genie Lift GL-10 Genie Lift GL-12
  • 3.56m (11ft 8in) maximum lift height.
  • Up to 159kg (350lb) load capacity.
  • 4.20m (13ft 9.5in) maximum lift height.
  • Up to 159kg (350lb) load capacity.


Productivity Power
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Lightweight durable aluminium construction.
  • Single door access.
  • Durable standard steel forks.
  • 20 cm (8 in) non-marking rear wheels and 5 cm (2 in) dual wheel front swivel casters (standard and straddle base only).
  • 12 cm (5 in) rear swivel casters with side brakes and 10 cm (4 in) fixed front wheels (counterweight base only).
  • Loads easily into a pickup truck for transporting.
  • Hold-down mechanism secures carriage during trans port.
  • Standard winch.
  • Reversible winch handle for easy storage.

Options and Accessories

Productivity Power
  • Load platform.
  • Boom.
  • Aluminium ladder (standard and straddle base only).
  • Pneumatic rear tyres (standard and straddle base only).
  • Foot-release brake (standard and straddle base only).
  • Caster options.
  • Electric winch (straddle and counterweight base only).
  • Winch operates while ladder is in use or stowed.
  • Caster option kit required for use with Straddle bases.
  • Electric winch option comes standard with battery and automatic charger that shuts off when fully charged.
Dimensional Drawing


Model GL-4 GL-8 GL-10 GL-12
Lift capacity at 30cm load centre 227kg 181kg 159kg 159kg
Height (A)
Height stowed, *1, *2, *3 1.72m 1.72m 1.97m 2.31m
Height max. forks up 1.8m 3.06m 3.56m 4.2m
Height max. forks down 1.26m 2.51m 3.01m 3.66m
Height min. forks down 9cm 9cm 5cm 5cm
Length (B)
Standard base - stowed 30cm 30vm - -
Stardard base - operating 88cm 88cm - -
Straddle base - stowed 49cm 49cm 49cm 49cm
Straddle base - operating 1.09m 1.09m 1.09m 1.09m
Counterweight base - operating 72cm 72cm 72cm -
Width (C)
Standard base *4 63cm 63cm - -
Straddle base - stowed *4 73cm 73cm 73cm 73cm
Straddle base - max *4 1.1m 1.1m 1.1m 1.1m
Straddle base - max inside 91cm 91cm 91cm 91cm
Counterweight base - stowed *4 73cm 73cm 73cm -
Counterweight base - max *4 1.1m 1.1m 1.1m -
Counterweight base - max inside 91cm 91cm 91cm 91cm
Weight / Standard castor options
Standard base 51kg 60kg - -
Straddle base 57kg 66kg 68kg 70kg
Counter-weight base 178kg 186kg 188kg -
Weight / Pneumatic castor options
Standard base 53kg 62kg - -
Straddle base 59kg 68kg 69kg 72kg
Weight / 4 point castor options
Straddle base caster option A 62kg 71kg 73kg 75kg
Straddle base caster option B 63kg 72kg 73kg 76kg
Load height min. 9cm 9cm 9cm 9cm
Ground clearance *1, *2, *3 2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm
Average cranks - standard winch 38/m 38/m 38/m 38/m
Average lift - electric winch 5cm/sec 5cm/sec 5cm/sec 5cm/sec
Fork length 57cm 57cm 57cm 57cm
Fork width 52cm 52cm 52cm 52cm
Load platform length 58cm 58cm 58cm 58cm
Load platform width 56cm 56cm 56cm 56cm
*1 The 25cm (10 inch) pneumatic rear wheel option will add 2.5cm (1 inch) to these specifications
*2 The counterweight base will add 2.5cm (1 inch) to these specifications
*3 The 4 point caster option B will add 2.5cm (1 inch) to these specifications
*4 Outside dimensions
Genie GL.PDF

Genie GL Spec Sheet

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