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Tractel "Solsit" Electric Operation Temporary Use Suspended Working Seat With Integrated Fall Protection and Endless HOL

Model:  Tractel SOLSIT / T-3583

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Single seat temporary suspended seat with integrated Tirak hoist and Blocstop safety device.

Tractel Solsit - Tmporary Access Solutions

The SOLSIT, motorised seat for inspection and maintenance, has been specifically designed for man-riding applications. The compact design of the SOLSIT makes it extremely quick and simple to rig. Th SOLSIT is suitable for many light jobs and is fitted with a TIRAK X-300P series hoist and a TIRAK wire rope which passes through the machine. The working height is limited only by the length of the wire rope supplied. In accordance with current safety regulations, a secondary safety wire rope is fitted in conjunction with a BLOCSTOP BSO, automatic secondary device.In the standard version the SOLSIT is supplied with 2 cleaning buckets, and 2 wall rollers to prevent damage to the facade and twisting of the unit.

  • The equipment enables operators to carry out work which requires complete safety. Consequently, it is important to ensure that this equipment is only handed over for use to an operator who is competent and correctly trained to operate it in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Particularly check the suspension anchor points of the SOLSIT. Ensure that the anchor points can accept at least 1.3 times the capacity of the hoist.
  •  Check that the lifting and safety wire ropes as well as the electric supply cable are sufficient for the job. The length of the wire ropes is marked on the ferrule of the hook or eye.
  • Ensure that the diameter of the wire ropes is correct for the TIRAK hoist and BLOCSTOP safety device. Check the labels on the machines.
  • When first put into operation and after every service-repair on the electrics, check the correct rotation of the TIRAK motor in relation to the controls. If necessary, call for an electrician to reverse the phase (3-phase motor).
The SOLSIT one-man seat is extremely compact and can pass through a man-hole of 45x54 cm. It can then be used inside very narrow furnaces, wells and chimneys. 2 containers are fitted for carrying tools and cleaning materials.

Built-in safety devices:

  • secondary safety wire rope
  • overload safety device
  • controlled lowering by centrifugal brake
  • upper limit switch
  • safety belt (SOLSIT one-man seat).

Fast installation and set up:

The cradle or work seat can be very quickly installed and set up for operation. The two wire ropes are hooked onto the suspension point and the electric supply cable plugged in – depending on the model of TIRAK hoist – to a 220 V single phase or 220/380 V 3 phase supply. An extra power point for a drill or inspection lamp avoids the need for additional power supply cable.

Mobile suspension jibs that allow very fast access to building facades. SWL of 150kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, 800kg and 1000kg.

The mobile portable suspension jibs allow very fast access to the building facades using many types of temporary platforms.

Portable suspension jibs are robust and easy to assemble and to dismantle. They represent the ideal solution for nearly every flat roof,  especially when the parapet is not strong enough to hold a load. The stability of the jibs is provided by counterweights. no roof penetration is required, reach (cantilever distance), height and SWL to our customers requirements.
Please contact our sales team for advise and / or a quotation.

portable suspension jib


portafix example of use

portafix in use

portable suspension jib example of use

Standard Configurations


portable suspension jib 'A' configurations

System 1

 Two assemblies are possible:

  1. For use on parapets not exceeding 0.23 m.
  2. Allow the jib to pass over obstacles up to 1.13 m high.
portable suspension jib 'B' configurations

System 2

 Model with reinforcing bracket and guy wire rope, recommended for longer overhangs (A) or heavy loads.

portable suspension jib 'C' configurations

System 3

Model with:

  • Two additional height adjusters fixed on the mobile front and rear cross bars.
  • An additional telescopic jib to reinforce the structure.
  • Two crossbar extensions at the front to increase its stability.
This model is able to pass over obstacles up to 2 m high.



Solsit Dimensions

Assembly of The SOLSITsolsit specification

  1. Stirrup
  2. Base frame
  3. Roller assembly
  4. TIRAK hoist, X-300P
  5. Bucket
  6. Frame support for bucket
  7. BLOCSTOP BSO 500 secondary safety device
  8. Upper limit switch
  9. Safety belt
  10. Lifting wire rope
  11. Safety wire rope
  12. Counterweight for safety wire rope
  13. Mechanical overload safety device


Generally, the SOLSIT is delivered already assembled. However, if this is not possible, e.g. for transport reasons, follow the assembly instruction below.

  •  Fit the TIRAK hoist (4) with the motor turned upwards, to the stirrup (1) and base frame (2) and the overload safety device (13) connecting to the control box of the TIRAK hoist.
  • Stabilise the equipment by fitting the roller assembly (3) into the base frame (2). Lock it into  position using the clip pin (2.1). The base frame (3) has three holes, to allow adjustment of the distance between the SOLSIT and the facade.
  • Fix the frame supports (6) for the buckets. Fit the 2 buckets (5).
  • Fit the BLOCSTOP BSO (7) to the stirrup (1).
  • Fix the upper limit switch (8) to the top of the mast (1). Connect to the control box of the TIRAK hoist (Fig. 3).Solsit Setup Instructions
solosit o&m manual.pdf

Operators Manual

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solsit spec sheet.pdf


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