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Tractel "Blocstop BSO" Overspeed "Fully Automatic" Wire Line Fall Arrest Block for Materials or Man-riding Applications. Range to 2300kg

Model:  Tractel BLOCSTOP BSO / TBSO-3286

Applicaton Type
Part N° Model Capacity (kg) For Rope Diam. (mm) Guide Price Quantity
BSO 500 500 8.3 £  879.78
BSO 1020 800 9.5 £  1041.58
BSO 1030 1000 10 £  1088.77
BSO 2360 2000 14 £  3012.37
BSO 3060 2300 16 £  3012.37
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The "OVERSPEED" BLOCSTOP, type BSO is a safety device, used as fall arrest device for man-riding operations.

Blocstop BSO

Where manriding is concerned, no safety measure can be considered excessive; that is why the usage of the BLOCSTOP® is required with the man-riding Tirfor® (Griphoist® in America) or man-riding Tirak (not to be confused with the materials lifting Tirak). The safety device consists of a brake mechanism formed by a pair of self clamping jaws pressed against each other by a powerful spring and enclosed casing. BLOCSTOPS® are UL classified as independent secondary brakes. Responding to the most strict safety regulations, they can easily be attached to most fittings. The Tirfor jaw type unit feting the Blocstop closes on the suspension wire rope and as it grips over a large area causes no damage to the cable.

Blocstop Working diagram

Operating Principle

The OVERSPEED BLOCSTOP operates automatically. It consists essentially of a clamping jaw mechanism of the TIRFOR-type and a centrifugal governor, which permanently checks the speed of the wire rope passing through the BLOCSTOP. The jaw  mechanism automatically clamps onto the wire rope when there is a sudden increase in speed.

The OVERSPEED BLOCKSTOP can be manually operated by pressing the EMERGENCY-STOP-button (38). The jaws should close automatically and the control lever (04) should return to its CLOSED position. To guarantee the correct operation we recommend that the EMERGENCY STOP (38) be carried out manually at least once a day.

The BSO is reset by means of the control lever (04). The wire rope must always be introduced through the upper wire rope entry (12) = control lever side.

During the operation the centrifugal weights must rotate, which should be regularlychecked through the window (51).

Operating Instructions

To feed in the wire rope:

  • Ensure that the lever (04) is in the "OPEN" position.
  • Feed in the wire rope from the top, into the rope guide (12) and pass it through the machine.

To remove the wire rope:

  • Maintain the lever (04) in the "OPEN" position.
  • Push in the EMERGENCY STOP button (38) and maintain completely depressed.
  • Remove the wire rope.

Technical Data

BLOCSTOP BSO wire rope for TIRAK hoist
 Dimensions model* code* Ø (mm) model capacity (kg)
BSO 500 23169 8.3 X-500 / 501 / 502 500
BSO 1020 23199 9.5 X-1000 Series / T-1000 / 1002 800
BSO 1030 23209 10.3 T-1020 / 1022 1000
BSO 2050 32059 14 X-2000 Series / T-1030 2000

*complete with links and anchor pins

Blocstop BSO OEM  manual.pdf

Tractel BSO Blocstop Technical Information.

Learn more about his product by reading the technical information document which includes all dimensions and operational instructions.
(approx. 1.4Mb)

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