Tractel Suspension Seats for Working at Height

Quick Ref: CN-1862


Tractel Subito.

The SCAFOR manual hoist has a single wire rope and together with the retractable lifeline (AC04/20) provides a secure and reliable access system, essential for man-riding equipment. Both handles are used for lifting whilst lowering only requires operation of one handle. Designed for working at heights of up to 20 metre. Equipped with a SCAFOR manual winch, this harness is then approved for lifting people. With its safe, easy, and efficient operation, the SUBITO boatswain suspension harness was specially designed for inspection, Maintenance and cleaning.

Single seat temporary suspended seat with integrated Tirak hoist and Blocstop safety device. Lightweight design and extremely stable, the SOLSIT one-man seat offers a fast means of access with a safe and reliable working position for many inspection, maintenance, cleaning and assembly operations. The reliability of the powered TIRAK hoist, combined with the BLOCSTOP safety device, mounted on a secondary safety wire rope to ensure complete safety of the operator, essential for
equipment used for lifting people. The two adjustable rollers rest against the facade to prevent spinning and excessive swaying.

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