Aluminium Mobile Gantry Systems without Castors (Not Movable Under Load)

Quick Ref: CN-1467
Mobile lifting gantry crane made from lightweight aluminium alloy. Lightweight and portable modular desigh

All our Aluminium Gantry cranes are a modular (Knock-down) design and therefore a very portable piece of lifting equipment. Most of the gantries are fully height adjustable and some are width adjustable with may optional extra available request. We offer many different designs though the ones in this category are supplied without castors. Castors are not suitable for many gantry designs and therefore may be unsuitable for many applications from a safety point of view. All gantries can be made to customers dimensions and so please contact us if you do not see ta gantry that suits your application.

Aluminium Mobile Gantry Systems without Castors (Not Movable Under Load)

Adjustable aluminium gantry crane with folding lateral legs, not movable under load.

Great quality, 24 sizes to choose from. This range gantry cranes are fully adjustable and fully collapsible for ease of transportation and storage. The gantry adjusts both vertically and horizontally and is supplied with a box section top beam and fitted with a low headroom locking load trolley as standard. Various other options are available such as a split top beam, wall brackets and hoisting accessories. Top quality, made in Germany.

Fully Adjustable double overhead beam, aluminium gantry crane with folding lateral legs, not movable under load.

20 options available. Twin parallel overhead lifting beams offers key features not offered by other lightweight aluminium mobile lifting gantries; we can offer much longer spans than conventional designs (longer distances between legs). The load trolley rests on top of the lifting beams, spreading the load equally between the two lifting beams allowing the hoist to operate in the cavity between the beams and therefore allowing a very high raised height (low headroom). Twin overhead beam design's also enable greater rigidity to the structure.

Fully Adjustable double overhead beam, aluminium gantry crane with folding lateral legs, not movable under load.

7 options with double overhead beam gives greater rigidity and stability, fully adjustable, these lightweight alloy lifting gantries are not fitted with castor's and are not designed to be movable under load. The gantry has vertical adjustable in two positions, at the feet and vertical column giving a wide adjustment range. No castors has many advantages for example possible rough terrain capability and greater stability; also, having the ability to adjust each individual leg maintains a level top beam and is perfect for use on uneven ground.

Adjustable combination gantry crane and man-riding tripod built into a single transportable unit for ease of use on different site locations. The light-weight aluminium Flygt Easylift has been specially designed so that it can be safely assembled by a single person and is stable even during erection, with no heavy part or hard to place bolts. This gantry tripod also conforms to the work at height regulations, certified for man-riding, rescue and fall arrest applications. Loads can be moved without moving the equipment from its centre of gravity.
Special applications gantry, complete and fully adjustable gantry crane built to your specifications. Built to customers specification from lightweight aluminium this is a  bespoke and special application range of portable gantry cranes that can be fully adjustable; length, width and height. This type of crane has been specially designed to be portable and adjustable so that it can be set-up for a variety of working areas.
Special application bespoke cantilever gantry cranes built to customers specification.

A cantilevered lifting gantry made from light weight aluminium that can be supplied either 'Free-standing' with integrated counterbalance ballast or tied back to a suitable structure to provide counterbalance; alternatively we manufacture for permanent installation, bolted to a floor or steelwork. The load trolley is moved along the lifting beam from the end of the gantry with a hand chain drive, thus there is no need to lean over out, over the falling edge to manoeuvre the load. All the cantilever gantries are bespoke, made to order!

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