Leanover Type Davit Arms

Quick Ref: CN-349
Fully customisable lean-over type lifting davit arms, highly portable lifting solution with discounts available on request.

Lifting Davit arm jib cranes can be built to your personal specification to meet your lifting needs.

  • Lifting davit arms are highly portable, they can be used across many sites, and are easily transportable because they are lightweight.
  • Height of lift, reach (radius), socket type, construction material, galvanisation grade and attached lifting equipment can be configured to suit the user.
  • We offer davits manufactured in galvanised steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, to suit your application.
  • SELS lifting davit arms are widely used across the water industry, offshore industry and oil and gas industries worldwide.
  • Galvanised steel lifting davit arms are suited to use in marine environments, including marine and maritime use on boats.
  • A davit arm for lifting can be supplied complete with any item of lifting equipment / machinery to suit the customers needs.
  • Lifting equipment / machinery available for use with a portable davit arm include: Hand/manual chain hoists, electric hoists, lifting winch. etc.
Leanover Type Davit Arms

Galvanised mild steel davit arm, portable and lightweight. Specials and bespoke designs are available. Top quality, made in the UK.

This type of light weight portable davit lifting arm is mainly manufactured from galvanized mild steel though can also be manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel if required. Many of our customers from the offshore oil and gas industries utilise our davits in either aluminium or stainless steel as the working environment demands.

Socket Mounted Swing Jib Crane complete with socket. Top quality made in the UK

This is ideal for machinery workshops, where many sockets can be used, and the same crane can be transported from one workstation to the other. Has a full rotation of 360 degrees, very high quality hydraulic system with chrome plating on the ram and pump. Available in 500kg and 1000kg and with sockets only.

Portable lightweight and quick assembly lifting davit with 360 degree rotation and built-in hand winch.
Corrosion resistance, high tensile aluminium, alloy powder coated finish with low maintenance. Top quality made in the UK.

Lightweight, 2 piece, bagged davit system with WLL to 500kg, yet only 24kg fully assembled. Fully configurable through our "Buy / Quote" section.

Manriding or Materials lifting solution.

1200mm radius, 2m (2000mm) height of lift, bespoke options. Top quality made in the UK. The PD1000 has just been launched, a WLL 1000kg (1 tonne) Lightweight, Portable Davit system. Initial detail is provided, with standard system prices. Available with a number of different options to suit the customers requirements. Lightweight – High tensile Al alloy – strong yet light. Conforms to EN795 Portable within Manual Handling Guidelines - 35kg assembled. Safe – Design & Development disciplines, Certifications and individual 150%. WLL testing - at 500, 1000 and 1,500kg. Easy to use – multi piece, bagged system. Unique WLL 1,000kg goods rated at 1200mm radius. Personnel lifting (Manride) rating 180kg – from December 2010. Fixed or Radius adjustment - 800-1200mm standard, greater with custom. Configurations with amended WLL rating. HoL - 2m Height of Lift standard + Socket extensions and customised units.

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