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Lightweight (25kg) Steel Lifting Davit. Range from 125kg to 500kg capacity

Model:  SLWA-4736

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Portable lightweight and quick assembly lifting davit with 360 degree rotation and built-in hand winch.

Designed for hoisting goods on location, with a maximum total hoisting capacity of 500kg in the first cable layer. This foldable lifting davit helps you carry out your work effectively without risk of physical overload, according to the latest health and safety act.


  • SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT! - At 25kg one person can move the davit to the required location with ease.
  • SUPER QUICK! - Ready for use literally within seconds because of the simplicity of the folding boom.
  • Steel construction with a 2 component lacquer coating or an electrolytic zinc coating.
  • Davit is also available in Stainless Steel or ATEX certified II 3 GD T3, suitable for zone 2 and 22.
  • Available with Floor Mount, Cast in or Wall Mount sockets.
  • Sockets are supplied Zinc plated as standard.
  • Integrated winch in compliance with EN 13157, DIN 15020 and EX types ATEX 114 (94/9/EG)
  • Winch consists of a drum winch with a gear transmission with a self braking capacity. This self-braking capacity ensures a hold of the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering.
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings.
  • Davit pole is provided with a pivot bearing which enables swivelling the davit 360.
  • The crank is adjustable in length and removable.
  • Other dimensions available on request.
Removable Davit
Davit With Winch


Type SD125 SD250 SD500
Capacity: 1st Cable Layer 125kg 250kg 500kg
Capacity: Last Cable Layer (7) 125kg 250kg 268kg
Cable Capacity 24m 24m 13m
Cable Dia. (EN 12383-4) 4mm 4mm 5mm
Min. Breaking Load (Cable) 9kN 9kN 15kN
Davit Weight 25kg 25kg 25kg
Socket Weight 7kg 7kg 7kg

Dimensional Drawing

Davit Dimensional Drawing


Removable Davit
Fig. 1
Lifting Davit With Folding Arm
Fig. 2
Davit With Winch
Fig. 3

Always check the floor socket, the pole, boom and winch on dimensions, dirt, damage or deformation. If necessary, clean and replace the damaged parts.

The floor socket can be installed everywhere by means of chemical anchors or standard fixing bolts. Slot the davit in the approved socket, and the check stability (Fig1).

Release the cable by turning the crank counter clockwise. Disassemble the load hook from the hole at the bottom of the pole (Fig 2). Now it is possible to fold out the boom upwards (Fig 3).


Davit Arm Sheave
Fig. 4
Quick Davit
Fig. 5
Hook Securing
Fig. 6

Ensure the davit is free from any load.

Wind the winch until the hook is hanging approx. 500mm below the roller / sheave (Fig 4).

Supporting the boom, push the red pin upwards (Fig 5), and lower the boom gently.

Mount the hook into the securing hole of the davit pole (Fig 6), then apply very slight tension onto the cable by turning the crank clockwise.

The davit can then be removed from the floor socket. Be sure to replace the socket lid to avoid filling with dirt / debris.

Lightweight Steel Davit.pdf

Lightweight Steel Davit Product Manual

(approx. 4.0Mb)

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