Pulling Winch, Recovery Winches and Cable Lifting Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-126

Winches for lifting, hoisting, pulling, winching, dragging, holding and handling of materials and equipment in a variety of environments and a model to suit all industries.

  • Tool handlers / manipulators for easy manipulation of heavy and awkward loads, very useful in a production environment.
  • AC and DC lifting and pulling winches.
  • Offshore and marine winches for use in corrosive coastal areas and on board ships.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic recovery winching, vehicle mounted.
  • Scaffold hoists otherwise known as builders hoists for connection to suitable scaffolding for the lifting of building materials and equipment offer fast lifting speeds and long lifts for outdoor use; usually 110v though available as 230v 1 Ph and 415v (400v) 3Ph.

Click here for information on the safe use of winches.

This page has been moved and updated, please click here for the updated winches or here for cable pulling machines.

Pulling Winch, Recovery Winches and Cable Lifting Hoists

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