Vertical Type Davit Arms

Quick Ref: CN-449
Full range of vertical pole davits, built to you specification, with excellent prices!

As with all of our lifting davit arms, our vertical type davits can be configured to the specific requirements of specific customers.

  • Vertical lifting davits can be extremely useful where there is an obstruction which must be worked around, as the vertical davit means that a live load can be moved around obstructions and then lifted/lowered as required.
  • All aspects of our vertical davit cranes are customizable, including the height, reach, capacity and, if required; sockets and lifting equipment.
Vertical Type Davit Arms

Portable Lightweight Split Pole Davit Arm, Specials and Bespoke designs are available. Top quality made in the UK. We offer several designs of lightweight portable davit lifting arms, including lean over type davits and vertical split pole type davits. The split pole davits are suited to applications where there is an obstruction which must be worked around, because the unit is relatively compact it offers an excellent solution for a confined space or restricted access lifting environments.
Vertical Articulating Davit Arm

Our articulating davit arms allow superior range and positioning of a lifting device (for example a hand chain block or a hand winch). This is achievable because the lifting device can be positioned on the lifting point of the davit (this is adjustable owing to the castellation adjustments, the whole arm of the davit slews approximately 270°, and the final 40% of the length of the davit arm articulates, effectively providing a slew of 360° and a far greater range of movement and flexibility in the positioning of the lifting centre.

Davit Arm Swing Jib Crane.

Supplied with a Manual and Electric wire rope hoist.  The manual hoist acts as a back-up though is also commonly used to raise (and lower) the electric winch from the sea going vessel.

Hoist mounting: The Electric hoist is mounted on to a foot plate fabricated to the Davit socket; the winch wire is then deflected over a pulley wheel.
This is for ease of installation and to avoid unnecessary manual handling that would otherwise be required raising the winch.
Quick release mountings are combined into the design.

Lightweight, portable, safe custom units that are also certified for man-riding and manufactured to customers specification One size fits all? Not in the lifting market where organisations are routinely faced with extreme or unusual lifting challenges. Off the shelf lifting products often don’t offer the flexibility and adaptability to cope with more challenging situations. Innovative T-DAVIT design and manufacturing stand head and shoulders above others in the market, being lightweight, portable, custom designed and manufactured around the specific needs of the individual.

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