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Lightweight and Adjustable Aluminium Tripod with Hand Winch and Pulley Sheave - 1000kg SWL

Model:  ATC-3091

Hand Chain Hoist Example
Tripod, Hand Winch and Chain Hoist Tripod and Hand Winch Only
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Aluminium lifting tripod with hand winch at 3.3m when erected, 2m when collapsed.

Alloy Tripod with Hand Winch

The Winch with crank is equipped with a drum direct-gear allowing to quickly wind up and off the unstressed cable (with integrated safety load hook). On the basis that our standard Aluminium Tripod Crane is manufactured using an aluminium special profile that permits a load capacity of 1,000 kg, we have, therefore, also selected a Winch with the load capacity of 1,000 kg.

Tripod Features

  • The Winch is detachable and can be flange-mounted at any height on the Aluminium Tripod Crane.
  • Greater adjusting range due to telescopic legs.
  • Collapsible. Reduces to overall length (e.g. for transportation) of 2,000 mm.
  • Feet are fitted with non-slip rubber-metal linings, guaranteeing stability.
  • The Aluminium Tripod Crane is designed for the lifting of loads in places that are hard to reach with conventional devices.


  • Load capacity: 1000kg.
  • Total weight: 74kg.
  • Cable diameter: 8mm.
  • Cable length: 25m.
  • Average lift per winch rotation (depending on remaining cable): 23-57 mm.


Dimensional Diagram

Chain Hoist ExampleOptional Features

Hand Chain Hoist

Model Capacity WLL (kg) Number of chain falls Standard Lift (m) Pull on hand chain at WLL (daN) Net weight at standard lift (kg) Chain Dimensions (d x p in mm)
Yalelift 360 1 1000kg 1 3 30 13 6 x 18

More technical specifications and information about the Yalelift 360 hand chain hoist is available here.

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