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"EN260C60" Worm Shaft Encoder

Model:  EN260C60 / WSE-4142

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Compact rugged encoder designed for harsh factory environments, clockwise or counterclockwise rotational requirements.

The Duff-Norton Digital Encoder and Digital Display is a more advanced way to determine an actuator’s position.

A digital encoder can be used to provide an extremely precise position signal to devices such as the Duff-Norton SK10006-35 digital display or 3rd party PLC’s.

Duff-Norton uses two styles of incremental encoders, with the type used depending on the layout of the actuator.

When one end of the actuator worm shaft is accessible, a Hollow Bore style of encoder is used, mounted on the worm.

When the worm is not accessible, and the actuator is using a flange-mounted motor, a Ring Kit style encoder can be fitted on the drive motor.

Digital Incremental Encoders

The EN260C60 is a compact yet rugged encoder designed for harsh factory environments and can easily accommodate clockwise or counter clockwise rotational requirements.

Standard encoders are low-level, open collector output, push-pull and line driven outputs are also available.

Installation or removal is quick and simple. A M12, 5-pin body mount connector is provide as standard, and a shielded 4-meter cable with connector
is available.

Worm Shaft Encoder


  • Up to 600 pulses per revolution (60 ppr standard)
  • Pulse frequency - 200kHz, with a 90° phase shift
  • Input voltage - +5 VDC to +28VDC
  • Operating temperature (-0° to +70°C)
  • Shock resistance to 200g, vibration resistance to 10g
  • IP 64 rated seal
  • Black non-corrosive housing
Worm Shaft Encoder Dimensions

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